Xare Partners with Portronics offering card-free payment options

Leading Innovative and Portable gadgets brand Portronics, recently announces its partnership with Xare, a user-generated finance platform offering innovative payment solutions to shoppers, thereby making every purchase effortless and all customers’ life easier. With this partnership, the brand aims to help those customers who don’t have a bank account, credit or debit card, digital wallet, or any other payment instrument. 

Industry sources added that all Indian clients can purchase Portronics products directly on the Xare app, using a card that was shared by a trusted friend or family without any hassle. Today all online and offline stores are offering great deals and discounts, on online payments, especially during the holiday sale season. Also, a combination of extra discounts, special deals, cashback offers, reward points, and add-on services helps them save a lot of money. However, most of these savings are absent for customers who do not have online, credit, debit cards, or other digital wallets.

Industry sources added that Xare connects the earners and spenders in a family, seamlessly on one platform. It enables the primary cardholder to give other family members access to his or her bank cards securely, instantly, and for free. One doesn’t need to reveal the card details when sharing money with someone on Xare. Instead, they can simply share access to the card by creating a virtual card that can be used for shopping online or offline through UPI.

Talking about the partnership Guneet Singh, COO of, Portronics stated “At Portronics, our vision is to make technology accessible, affordable, and inclusive for everyone. As a home-grown brand, we are immensely popular among India’s young consumers who look for differentiated, new-age gadgets. But many of our customers don’t own bank cards or other payment instruments and struggle to pay for their purchases. We are delighted to partner with Xare for improving the shopping experience of our customers who can now shop with ease using a shared card.”

Commenting on the partnership, Padmini Gupta, CEO and Co-founder, Xare stated, “We are excited to welcome Portronics to our global community of merchant partners. The brand has made a distinct place for itself in India’s competitive yet dynamic, consumer electronics space. Our association with household names like Portronics helps us put a finger on the pulse of the nation. With this partnership, Xare users in India can enjoy shopping for Portronics products and pay using a shared card – securely, instantly, and for free. This is the future of shopping!”

She further added “Our new feature, Xare anywhere, enables anyone to shop from any website in the world. So, this holiday season, users in any corner of the world can shop for Portronics gadgets and send gifts to their loved ones in India.”


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