12th Edition Business Performance Management to happen on 8th-10th Nov 2023 at Spain


In today’s economically challenging environment, more and more companies realize the importance of having an even better understanding of how to ensure better performance and align company strategy and execution. As finance managers struggle to keep up with the large amounts of data that become available to them, performance management has become more important than ever, and took on analytical and strategic urgency. The world of performance management needs to find its way into analytics and business intelligence, thus, the availability of big data represents a huge opportunity in better managing corporate performance, but also a big risk because of the challenge to exploit the data intelligently. Beyond data analytics and business intelligence, the human factor is also becoming increasingly important and intangible factors like stress and corporate culture need to be taken into consideration.

The marcus evans 12th Edition Business Performance Management conference taking place in Barcelona, Spain on 8-10 November, 2023, will bring together industry leaders to explore the latest trends and best practices in optimizing business performance and drive business excellence. Attend the event to gain valuable insights into setting and achieving financial targets, selecting meaningful KPIs, and predictive modelling to measure performance and make data-driven decisions. Explore the evolving role of finance management, strategies for driving business agility in uncertain environments and incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into performance evaluation.

Some of the experts speaking at the event include Felipe Florez-Arango, Chief Financial Officer at Pharmanovia, Mark Hookey, Finance Transformation at ADECCO, Marc Miralles, Finance Director at Toyota, Spain, Paulina Pietrasik, Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Controls Director at Polpharma, Juan Jose Piedra Galan, Chief Financial Officer at Sandoz Industrial and many more!

For more information please contact Ria Kiayia at riak@marcusevanscy.com, or visit the event website: https://www.marcusevans.com/conferences/businessperformancemgmt

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