aiMotive introduces aiData for enhanced solutions for autonomous vehicles

aiMotive, one of the largest independent technology team working on automated driving technologies, announced the newest addition to their product portfolio, aiData, an integrated, cost-efficient, data-driven pipeline for automated driving. This tool had been used for years for the in-house development of aiDrive, which now selected partners and customers can apply for early access. 

aiMotive claims that aiData has all the answers to every kind of challenges: it can efficiently and automatically collect, process, and query multisensory data for Deep Neural Network-based product development. aiData contains five proprietary tools that can reduce the complexity of processing data with a high level of automation while ensuring the traceability required for automotive software development:

  • aiRec: automated data collection focusing on gaps and edge cases (reference sensor design, calibration toolkit, recording and data ingestion software solution) 
  • aiNotate: multi-sensor AI-based automatic annotation for dynamic and static objects with industry-leading precision 
  • aiFab: synthetic data generation with high-fidelity sensor simulation enhanced by an AI-based reality filter, achieving realistic sensor data for training machine learning applications. aiFab is based on aiSim’s rendering and scenario technology, and enhanced with the necessary tools for generating vast amounts of virtual sensor and ground truth data 
  • aiMetrics: integrated metrics evaluation which tracks development progress against requirements, providing real-time insights and data gap analysis 
  • aiDVS: Data Versioning System enabling the precise measurement of the effects of adding new data to fill gaps and tracking the usefulness of collected data 

Developing automated driving requires a complete, mature toolchain to collect, generate, use, and validate the data needed for a safe and robust solution. The modules and tools aiMotive has developed not only enable its partners and customers to use a competitive, scalable system but does so in such a way that all the data remains with the customer, royalty-free.



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