ComfortDelGro Driving Centre to offer electric vehicle training


Environmentally-conscious learner drivers at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre will be able to opt for an electric vehicle (EV) for their Class 3A Licence Course. The Centre is adding five electric cars into its training vehicle fleet on 1 June, with a view to growing the electric car training fleet to 100 by 2030. This means more than half of its fleet will be EVs by then.

The EV model that the Centre has added – the Hyundai Kona Electric (Standard Range) – was chosen because of its small turning radius, which is suitable for the Centre’s driving circuit. To charge these EVs, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre has also installed five alternate current (AC) charging stations, within its premises. Each EV takes about six hours to be fully charged.

The EVs will be available to corporate learners for their defensive and familiarisation driving courses, and to the Elite Team 1 learners to book via the MyCDC App. Learners undergoing EV training can expect slight differences relating to the sensitivity of the accelerator, engine sound, engine brake, turning radius, and maintenance. The EV training will also allow learners to better understand the electronic control buttons that come with the vehicle. Ms Joyce Loh, 32, an Elite Team learner, who has been taking her Class 3A Licence with the Centre since May 2022, has expressed interest to do so.

She said: “I am thinking of buying an EV after I obtain my driving licence. As such, it will be useful for me to take myClass 3A practical lessons in an EV once it is available.” On top of the EVs, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre will be adding two electric Alrendo TS Bravo motorcycle (Class 2A) for its non-licensing corporate training course before the end of the 2022. In addition to electrifying its training fleet, CDC is also reducing its carbon footprint by tapping on solar power as an energy source for its premises.

It has installed 290 solar panels on the rooftop of its Centre, which will result in a savings of 30% of its monthly electricity bills. Said Mr Vincent Tan, CEO of ComfortDelGro Driving Centre: “With greater awareness in the field of sustainability, it is timely that we start rolling out EVs so that learners become more familiar with such vehicles. This will also help increase the adoption of EV driving going forward. The Hyundai Kona Electric’s turning radius will allow learners to betternegotiate our circuit. At the same time, we are also exploring making electric motorbikesavailable for the corporate Defensive Riding Course before the year ends. If demand for EV training picks up, we expect to add on even more of such vehicles going forward.