AARO collaborates with EEZE to enhance trust and safety in peer‐to‐peer auto sales

AARO collaborates with EEZE to enhance trust and safety in peer‐to‐peer auto sales
AARO collaborates with EEZE to enhance trust and safety in peer‐to‐peer auto sales

The Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario (AARO) announces its strategic collaboration with EEZE, a trusted platform for peer‐to‐peer auto sales. This partnership aims to revolutionize the private‐party second‐hand vehicle market in Ontario by providing consumers with convenient access to secure and dealer‐level service through authorized independent service centers. Through this collaboration, AARO leverages its extensive network of over 450 Independent Repair Garage Owners and 10,000 technician members across Ontario. Many of these independent repair garages serve as licensed inspection stations, facilitating the necessary safety inspections and certificates required for registering pre‐owned vehicles purchased from private sellers in Ontario.

“We are excited to collaborate with EEZE and introduce this innovative platform to our valued members,” said Eric Mileham, Chairman of AARO. “This partnership signifies a significant step forward in our commitment to uniting the independent automotive aftermarket to address industry challenges, such as safeguarding consumers.”


EEZE provides a secure platform for individuals to transact with confidence, protecting private auto sales from fraud by verifying both people and vehicles and securing money transfers. With AARO’s support, EEZE can now assure consumers of reliable service centers to cater to their inspection, warranty, repair, and maintenance needs throughout the ownership life cycle.

“By joining forces with AARO, we can promote trusted exchanges of vehicles between private parties while ensuring access to reliable service centers for pre‐sale, and post‐sale support,” said Tave Della Porta, CEO and Co‐founder of EEZE. “This partnership aligns with our mission to simplify and secure the process of buying and selling cars privately. Together, we can expand our service center partner network throughout the Ontario market, offering consumers peace of mind and convenience.”


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