Accenture and Hyperproof announce a strategic alliance

Accenture and Hyperproof Form a Strategic Alliance to Help Enterprises Accelerate GRC Transformation
Accenture and Hyperproof Form a Strategic Alliance to Help Enterprises Accelerate GRC Transformation (Representational image from freepik)

The Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) market is undergoing unprecedented change, with increasingly stringent requirements demanding innovative solutions. Recognizing the need for disruption through automation to enhance efficiency and bolster trust, Hyperproof announced a strategic alliance with Accenture, the leading global IT services company.

As companies struggle to keep pace with escalating GRC demands like the number of controls to manage, testing those controls, manually collecting evidence, and meeting multiple compliance requirements, many find themselves mired in outdated spreadsheets and legacy systems. The result is overwhelmed teams grappling with mounting workloads and struggling to understand and operationalize their workflows effectively. Hyperproof and Accenture’s partnership addresses these pain points head-on. Combining Hyperproof’s cutting-edge GRC operations with Accenture’s industry-leading services, the alliance empowers enterprises to conquer their most challenging GRC obstacles by harmonizing control management and enabling continuous control testing.

“The objective of our alliance with Accenture is clear: to enable enterprises to solve their most pressing GRC challenges,” said Craig Unger, CEO and Founder of Hyperproof. “By leveraging Accenture’s unparalleled expertise alongside Hyperproof’s best-in-class GRC platform, we’re poised to revolutionize how companies manage controls and, ultimately, mitigate risk.”

Hyperproof and Accenture

“This partnership is critical to enable us to serve our clients better,” says Martin Metz, Managing Director – Global Lead for Cyber Risk & Regulatory at Accenture. “Hyperproof is a modern, flexible GRC platform that is a perfect alternative for client scenarios where streamlined control management is central to the use case. Hyperproof addresses a key need for Accenture with its powerful end-to-end control testing automation, and we believe it will drive a lot of value in this area for clients, even those that use big platforms like ServiceNow.”

Key benefits of the Hyperproof and Accenture alliance include:

  • Access to top experts: Customers can collaborate with industry-leading experts, ensuring swift and effective implementation of new regulations and frameworks.
  • Rapid market expansion: With streamlined processes and expert guidance, companies can confidently enter new markets, accelerating growth and unlocking new opportunities.
  • Efficiency gains: By leveraging automation and expert guidance, organizations can achieve more with fewer internal resources, reducing operational strain and enhancing productivity.
  • Enhanced visibility and trust: Real-time visibility and in-depth insights provided by Hyperproof’s platform instill greater confidence in attestations, bolstering stakeholder trust.
  • Scalable audit management: Hyperproof’s automation capabilities streamline audits, enabling organizations to manage a growing number of assessments with minimal effort.

Accenture’s decision to partner with Hyperproof underscores the platform’s ability to harmonize controls, reduce duplicate work, and expedite compliance with new regulations. Hyperproof’s automation features, including evidence and controls testing, integrate seamlessly with Accenture’s advisory services, offering clients unparalleled support in navigating complex GRC landscapes.


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