ACX Hosts Micromobility Carbon Credits Auction

ACX successfully hosted a micromobility carbon credits auction, in collaboration with Bolsa Verde Rio, Tembici, BlockC and ZCO2.

“The ACX Brazil auction is yet another milestone in our quest to bring transparency and efficiency to the carbon markets,” said William Pazos, Managing Director & Co-Founder of ACX. “The unique Tembici carbon credits reached an international audience covering 30 countries through ACX’s network. We are pleased to bring these international players to the Bolsa Verde.”

The auction, which ran for 24 hours from April 27th to April 28th, offered credits generated from Rio de Janeiro’s shared bike scheme run by Tembici, one of Latin America’s leading micromobility technology companies. This was the first time micromobility carbon credits had been publicly available with the event attracting interest from a wide range of companies with StoneX Financial Inc. and ClimateSeed ultimately winning with bids of $8.45-$8.50.



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