Apex Systems announces a strategic alliance with ISPnext

Apex Systems Enhances Accounts Payable (AP) Automation with ISPnext
Apex Systems Enhances Accounts Payable (AP) Automation with ISPnext

Apex Systems, a leading global technology services firm and ASGN brand, announced recently a strategic alliance with cloud-based Business Spend Management (BSM) company ISPnext. The organization optimizes finance operations with user-friendly AP Automation solutions integrated with Infor M3 CloudSuite as part of their BSM platform.

In partnership with ISPnext, Apex Systems empowers organizations to leverage Infor technology, driving cost control, streamlining paper invoice management, and modernizing internal finance operations. As a trusted Infor Partner specializing in Infor M3 solutions, Apex brings unmatched expertise to the table. Teamed up with ISPnext’s seamless implementation capabilities, this collaboration ensures an exceptional experience for our valued customers.

“Apex Systems is excited about the value and agility our ISPnext partnership will bring to our ERP customers,” said Robin Irvine, Apex Systems’ Vice President of Enterprise Services. “AP Automation is a common element of any ERP transformation project, and this alliance brings a turnkey solution into play with a very competitive ROI.”

Apex Systems and ISPnext

In the face of shifting market conditions, it is increasingly important for organizations to be agile, resilient, and flexible while navigating responsible decision-making. Through Apex’s work with ISPnext, the company has acquired an intimate understanding of the driving factors affecting clients’ finance departments, including cost control, risk management, data-driven decisions, and compliances.

“ISPnext is looking forward to taking the next step with Apex Systems in our joint mission to enable Infor M3 customers to automate their Accounts Payable processes and to create value while realizing cost savings,” stated Gustaf Tanate, ISPnext’s CEO.

Implementing AP Automation

Implementing accounts payable automation tools drives value for customers by improving insight, enabling risk management, and optimizing continuous savings. AP automation solutions then help to control costs, manage supplier risks, improve decision-making, and inject agility into organizations. Apex and ISPnext’s partnership allows users to digitize entire purchase invoice processes with integrated workflows, optimized operational functionality, and mobile applications.

Another common challenge faced with new AP automation is integrating it with existing financial or management systems. Compatibility issues and data migration complexities often cause delays and hurdles that interrupt the implementation of the desired streamlined process. Apex and ISPnext have pre-built scripts that will accelerate the implementation into Infor M3 ERP systems. Apex looks forward to continuing to bring ERP customers the best tools in the business with the help of ISPnext.


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