Architect: The artist who turns spaces into habitable masterpieces

According to some reports, the global architectural services market size was USD 360.8 billion in 2022 and it is projected to hit around USD 549.6 billion by 2032. While one report suggests that the market is set to grow by CAGR 4.8 percent from 2023 to 2030, another report indicates a CAGR growth of 5.35 percent in the next five years. We can safely conclude that the global market for architectural services will grow by at least 4.5 percent in the next five years.

This  growth is  largely attributed to the growing popularity of computer-based architectural design development, improved digital design tools, computer-controlled fabrication, and increasing demand for green building services. The rising demand for luxurious but practical spaces on a budget has only increased the challenging aspect of architecture & interior designs. Artificial Intelligence has only pushed the frontiers for it in some of the developing markets across the globe.

Selecting the best architect is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your home design and construction project. We need to understand that an architect delivers long-term value to our construction project and early involvement ensures the best creativity and maximum cost-efficiency.

Most modern architectural firms have the most immersive 3D tools to help envision the preferences and design choices in any given space. During this process, it is also important to have onboard a creative mind who is also a good communicator, which involves listening and grasping the problem statement. A good architect can understand the requirements of the clients, and the resources available and execute the vision of the client in the most creative ways possible. Most modern 3D modelling and rendering software have started incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make the design phase faster and more creative. The hallmark of a great architect is the ability to unlearn and quickly re-discover an entirely new concept or tool from scratch.

Another attribute of a great architect is the creative uniqueness of their designs. The industry is changing every year, the trends evolve every year and thus, new benchmarks are established every year. Apart from the functional designs, the artistic approach is what establishes the unique signature of every architecture. The fine balance between art, function and style is what defines a firm as the Best Architect Service Provider. In Egypt, World Business Outlook has discovered a brand called GAF Design Studio.

Winner of two awards, Best Architect Service Provider Egypt 2023 and Best Interior Design Service Provider Egypt 2023, World Business Outlook saw potential in this firm ever since GAF Design Studio started receiving appreciation from several lifestyle journals. With a profile that showcases brilliant services in architecture, interior & landscape design and construction, GAF Design Studio is known to deliver beyond client expectations while imbibing all the unique styles and tastes of each of its clients. The GAF team is renowned for its boundless creativity and hands-on approach from the point of inception of the project. They participate in the design and development of the items of furniture to the selection of all the exquisite materials in the space. They also handle construction documents, budgeting, city submittals, and project coordination. GAF Design Studio has won many hearts and our prestigious award titles for its amazing customer service and expert project management.

GAF Design Studio is known for its precision and attention to microscopic details. They have a huge dedicated workforce with an extraordinary skillset and experience to indulge every design with their own unique style and taste. With the philosophy that, ‘the best project is yet to come’, the founder of GAF Design Studio, Ahmed Gabr, believes in giving huge emphasis on the practicality aspect of his stylish designs. This is what makes him a great architect because he believes that a space should serve a purpose for the client rather than just looking nice. At World Business Outlook, we have seen that GAF Design Studio has been consistent in delivering a design that highlights the character and the personality of its clients.

Ever since its foundation in 2012, GAF Design Studio has delivered many interesting interiors and lavish landscapes. Each of their next projects seem to be getting bigger and more challenging thanks to their astute artistry and attention to intricate details in every design. They are currently looking at expanding their clientele on a global level, and their current activities across UAE and UK are an essential part of this mission.

Article by Ujal Nair

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