Arihant Launches the Blizzard Raft Slide !

Arihant’s Innovation Lab has launched a Raft Slide Experience like no other. Through careful study of all water slide experiences, the team has found its ‘Patent Pending’ Product Blizzard.

The product amplifies the available experience by creating unique high G slide motions that give the user a longer travel path & higher unpredictability in ride paths than current market offerings!

One of its kind, the Blizzard is a thrilling slide which enchants the crowd with its unique swirl and swing motion. A perfect slide to enthrall the daredevils, this visually exciting ride accommodates two riders in a raft and takes guests to an exhilarating speed. At a top speed of 14m/sec or 50 km/hour, this slide lets you experience how fun a Raft waterslide can indeed be! The attraction is currently being installed at two leading regional waterparks in India and Kuwait.


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