Armis announces the acquisition of CTCI

Armis Acquires AI Cybersecurity Company CTCI
Armis Acquires AI Cybersecurity Company CTCI

Armis, the asset intelligence cybersecurity company, yesterday announced it has agreed to acquire CTCI (Cyber Threat Cognitive Intelligence), a privately held company specializing in AI-powered pre-attack threat hunting technology.

In a private deal which closed this week, Armis has acquired all of CTCI technology and employees, expecting to merge the company with Armis over the next 30 days. Armis will integrate CTCI’s technology into Armis Centrix™ to create the most advanced early warning cyber intelligence system in the world, helping security operations teams be more effective in preventing breaches, detecting attacks and determining if an organization has been compromised.

“In the face of continued, escalating cyber threats we recognize the importance of preempting an attack. It is time for the security community to redefine our operating paradigm by proactively finding and stopping attacks rather than taking action once the attack is launched,” said Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO and Co-Founder, Armis. “This acquisition signals our unwavering commitment to be the core platform that manages the entire attack surface. Enterprises and organizations leveraging Armis Centrix™ for Actionable Threat Intelligence will lead from a position of strength in managing their cyber exposure.”

An AI-native company, CTCI was founded in 2020 by CEO Andrew Grealy and CTO Michael Freeman. Leveraging Armis’ Asset Intelligence Engine and feeding CTCI’s proprietary intelligence database, Armis Centrix™ will provide early warning indicators based on intelligence from the dark web, AI-based honeypots and known adversaries to alert organizations of a potential breach or attack.

Armis and CTCI

“Security teams receive a daily deluge of information and are often in a reactive security posture with little or no warning that they are targets for an attack,” said Andrew Grealy, CEO and Co-Founder, CTCI. “The fusion of Armis with its full visibility, security and control, combined with CTCI’s advanced AI, empowers organizations to take a proactive security stance and stop an attack before it is even launched.”

CTCI’s technology will be built into the Armis Centrix™ platform to create a revolutionary way of identifying and neutralizing threats before they are even launched. Leveraging a combination of AI and machine learning that scours the dark web, Armis Centrix™ for Actionable Threat Intelligence provides advanced visualization and alerts that will provide organizations with actionable intelligence before a vulnerability is announced, before an attack is even launched and before an organization is impacted.

As outlined in a recent blog, Armis is embarking on a bold 5 year strategy to create the leading cyber exposure management platform and the biggest asset intelligence company in the world. It plans to analyze various technologies as it grows its award-winning Armis Centrix™ platform to be the chosen solution for Fortune 100, 200 and 500 organizations and government entities around the world.


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