CVS Pharmacy® introduces Well Market™, a crave-worthy consumables brand

CVS Pharmacy® (NYSE: CVS), the retail division of CVS Health®, today announced the launch of Well Market™, a new store brand consumables line featuring snacks, beverages and groceries. “Our goal at CVS Health is to be the most consumer-centric health care solutions company. Through this repositioning and expansion of our food and beverage portfolio, we are […]

StanCraft-Led Investor Group Acquires Templin’s on the River in Post Falls, Idaho


StanCraft, a Hayden, Idaho-based private family of companies, in partnership with an investor group, announced the acquisition of Templin’s on the River in Post Falls, Idaho. Founded in 1986, Templin’s is a 167-room waterfront hotel, bar and marina. With new, supportive ownership, the hotel will be upgraded throughout 2024 and 2025, building on its current […]

Verdantis Appoints Kumar Gaurav Gupta as Chief Executive Officer


Verdantis, a pioneering leader in AI-powered data solutions, announced the appointment of Kumar Gaurav Gupta as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Taking on the role of CEO he shoulders the responsibility of propelling growth, with a sharp focus on ensuring global customer success. Excited about his new role, Kumar stated, “It’s a great honour to […]

SharkNinja Announces David Beckham as Global Brand Ambassador for Ninja Brand

SharkNinja Announces David Beckham as Global Brand Ambassador for Ninja Brand (Photo: David Beckham)

SharkNinja, Inc. (NYSE: SN), a global product design and technology company, announced that David Beckham has joined forces with the Ninja brand as a global brand ambassador. Known for his skills in the kitchen, passion for cooking and commitment to exceptional performance, Beckham will work closely with the Ninja team to build awareness for their innovative […]

6 Ways Your Business Can Protect Itself from Devastating Data Loss


Data loss, whether brought upon by an accident or by a security breach, can be a nightmare for any company. Losing your data means losing access to highly sensitive information, which in turn can greatly inconvenience your business as well as put your customers at risk while their data is in your system. In addition, […]

Quit Smoking Efforts Aim to Combat Cancer Risks Worldwide

No-Smoking-Sign-board (Image Source: Unsplash)

Cigarette smoking is the primary cause of major health concerns such as cancer. According to the World Health Organization, the use of tobacco accounts for 25% of all cancer deaths around the globe. The National Institutes of Health notes that inhaling dangerous chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarettes can damage a cell’s DNA and lead […]

Navigating Turbulent Economic Waters: Strategies for Businesses in a Volatile Global Economy

In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, businesses must be prepared to navigate through economic turbulence with agility and adaptability. Fluctuations in consumer demand, shifts in trade policies, and geopolitical tensions can all contribute to a volatile economic environment. To thrive in such conditions, companies must remain nimble, continuously reassess their strategies, and swiftly adapt to emerging […]

APAC Banking Sector Performance in 2022-2023: Navigating Economic Headwinds


The Asia-Pacific (APAC) banking sector faced a dynamic landscape in 2022-2023, marked by economic headwinds and varying performance across emerging markets (EMs) and developed markets (DMs). Let’s delve into the key trends and outlook for APAC banks during this period. 1. Steady Outlook Despite Challenges Despite challenges stemming from weakening global demand, high inflation, and […]

Konstantin Tserazov: Digital Payments and Financial Inclusion – The Case of Gulf Countries

Konstantin Tserazov, economist and former Senior Vice President of Otkritie Bank

How are digital payments and financial inclusion transforming the economic landscape of the Gulf countries? Konstantin Tserazov, a renowned economist and former Senior Vice President of Otkritie Bank, delves into the complex interplay of digital payments and financial inclusion in this region. His focus is on how these technological advancements are reshaping the region’s economic […]