BigBoss’s Evolving Services: Details of BBP, Loyalty Program, and CRYPTOS

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BigBoss is currently focusing particularly on the following services:

BigBoss Point(BBP)

BigBoss Loyalty Program(BLP)


What is BigBoss Point(BBP)?

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BBP, or BigBoss Point, is a unique point system developed by BigBoss. For every lot traded, a certain number of BBPs are rewarded. These points are automatically credited based on the trading volume, and the accumulated BBP can be used to play a ‘gacha’ (a type of lucky draw). This gacha has no losing options, and you can receive a credit bonus worth up to $5,000.

There is no upper limit to the number of points you can earn, and points for less than 1 lot per day are carried over and accumulated daily. This means that all trades can contribute to earning points. The fact that points are automatically rewarded for trading, and customers can receive up to a $5,000 bonus, has made this service extremely popular among clients.

What is the BigBoss Loyalty Program(BLP)?

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The BigBoss Loyalty Program (BLP) is a system where a trader’s Loyalty Status (LS) increases based on the number of days they trade. As the status rises, traders can earn more BigBoss Points (BBP), enjoy benefits such as relaxed leverage restrictions, and have the option to convert BBP into cash.

There are five levels of Loyalty Status: ‘Executive’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Expert’, ‘Prime Elite’, and ‘Deal Master’. Traders reach these statuses based on the number of trading days.

The benefits vary with each status level, including the number of BBPs earned per lot and the ability to convert BBP into cash. Additionally, leverage restrictions are relaxed based on the user’s status level. This service is highly popular among clients who trade frequently with BigBoss.

What are CRYPTOS?

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CRYPTOS is a cryptocurrency exchange platform provided by BigBoss, which is an extensively upgraded version of their previously offered cryptocurrency exchange ‘FOCREX.’ It offers a simple yet highly functional trading environment available 24/7, 365 days a year. Compared to FOCREX, this exchange boasts a 100-fold increase in processing speed and enhanced liquidity due to the addition of new liquidity providers. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing intuitive operation on both smartphones and PCs.

CRYPTOS handles over 1000 currency pairs, including JPY, and allows trading in unique tokens. Additionally, it is planned to undergo further upgrades, continuing its evolution to meet the dynamic needs of users.

Future Service Development

We plan to continue daily improvements for the enhancement of our existing services. At BigBoss, our service development team is working on creating new services that will surprise and delight our customers. Moreover, we are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction by listening to their feedback and providing customized solutions that reflect their needs. We also aim to leverage the latest technologies to deliver a more efficient and innovative trading experience.

BigBoss intends to flexibly respond to industry trends and market changes, leading the market with a progressive approach. Through these efforts, we aim to solidify our position as a benchmark in the industry and continue to deliver the highest value to our customers.

As a leader in the industry, we will continue to improve and develop new services, maximizing customer benefits and providing ongoing support.

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