Bitskout named Top 100 A.I. Project for Sustainable Development by UNESCO


Bitskout has just been named as one of the Estonia’s Top 100 A.I. projects by UNESCO IRCAI, solving UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG8 and SDG9. These goals stand for Decent Work and Economic Growth and Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

Bitskout has created a software platform that allows users to add ready made A.I. models to their SaaS tools. It works as a no code plug in for project management tools, allowing everyone to use A.I. in their work and access state of the art technology.

Bitskout’s CEO and co-founder, Ilia Zelenkin Image:Source

“The biggest problem of productivity today is that the only technology that can help humans boost it, is only available to 0.3% of the population that can code. We decided to change that and make A.I. accessible to anyone. The setup of any smart plugin in Bitskout takes no more than a couple of minutes, and you are ready to work,” mentioned Bitskout’s CEO and co-founder, Ilia Zelenkin. “This way, anybody, from a small yoga studio to the operations business unit at the largest construction contractor can start using A.I. in their processes to automate the next level of admin work.”

The International Research Centre in Artificial Intelligence, under the auspices of UNESCO, is creating a list of the Top 100 projects that are solving problems related to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the use of Artificial Intelligence tools. This list comprises companies from all five geographical regions Africa, Europe and the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East.

Bitskout Image:Source

The main goal of this project is to scope and showcase worldwide solutions that contribute to the SDGs by creating the world’s largest sustainable solutions platform and helping these solutions grow to be even more effective and impactful. This means that listed companies with this solution have been proven to be credible and solve real-life problems that are in development with an emphasis on ethics.

“I think being named in the Top 100 A.I. projects is a remarkable achievement that validates our vision. Technology should become more affordable… And what’s most important for me, personally, is that it is an example for everyone out there that two founders bootstrapping in ‘a garage’ with a vision can achieve anything,” said Ilia Zelenkin.

Bitskout has already raised its first round of funding from institutional investors to accelerate its product development and integrate more tools. This enables Bitskout to allow more users to have easy access to artificial intelligence.