Bring IT establishes a presence in Brazil

Bring IT yesterday announced that it has acquired two companies, AltaPlus and Liu Consulting. Expanding in the Latin America region, the new Bring IT Brazil enterprise will be able to take advantage of the industry leading cloud ERP system to help the two companies improve operational efficiency and create new revenue opportunities.

“As we continue to expand into new markets, we wanted to establish a strong presence in a region that is becoming a major tech hub. Brazil, the largest market in LATAM, was an obvious decision. We want to prioritize our focus on a local-for-local approach that will allow us to deploy our services in this region. This new opportunity will open doors for us to adopt new customers, new partners, and expand our talent pool of strategic industry experts with unique skills,” said Omar Palacios, CEO and Co-Founder, Bring IT.

Omar Palacios, CEO and Co-Founder, Bring IT

By generating a strong presence in Brazil, the largest economic hub in Latin America, Bring IT will be able to leverage its domain and product expertise to explore new market opportunities that will foster global expansion. In addition, Bring IT will be able to help the two companies achieve overall system and process efficiency and procure a vast pool of talent with extensive knowledge of market behavior and fiscal/tax requirements.

As part of this new acquisition, Bring IT Brazil will provide the necessary resources and methodologies to develop critical experience and knowledge to navigate software that will enable business efficiency. The two companies were eager to sell to Bring IT to secure added value and opportunity for their customer base and consulting team. Bring IT’s acquisition of the two companies has accelerated its go-to-market approach that is going to be crucial when growing, expanding, and strengthening its presence.

Pascoal Koutras, General Manager, LATAM in strategy, Bring IT

“We are seeing a lot of opportunities that will ensure our continuous engagement with global companies with this new launch. Bringing our customer success experience and introducing added value services will foster new partnerships and consolidate our global presence,” said Pascoal Koutras, General Manager, LATAM in strategy, Bring IT.


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