Buzzreach and Oncoshot announce collaboration

Buzzreach and Oncoshot Spearhead Clinical Trial Advancements in Japan
Buzzreach and Oncoshot Spearhead Clinical Trial Advancements in Japan

Buzzreach and Oncoshot, two prominent entities in the clinical trials domain, have announced an impactful collaboration to accelerate clinical trials in Japan. The former specializes in clinical trial site recruitment and retention and project management solutions, while the latter operates a cutting-edge real-time health insights exchange platform.

The collaboration will extend to Oncoshot’s strategic contract research organisation and pharmaceutical partners. Together, they will focus on recruiting participants for upcoming studies scheduled to begin in Q1 2024. 

“This collaboration marks a significant step in Oncoshot’s vision of creating a cancer cohort discovery platform and upcoming national-level clinical trials ecosystems and hospitals globally,” said Oncoshot CEO Dr Huren Sivaraj.

Central to this partnership is the cost-free infrastructure designed to facilitate the real-time exchange of aggregated insights. This ground-breaking initiative is set to synergise their complementary strengths to enhance various clinical trial aspects throughout Japan, including feasibility assessments, participant screening, and enrolment. Japan is currently ranked as the third-largest pharmaceutical market worldwide. Notably, around 70% of clinical trials executed in Japan struggle to achieve their target patient enrolment within the designated timeframe.

Buzzreach and Oncoshot

Buzzreach CEO Mr Takateru Inokawa added: “We believe this partnership will positively impact clinical trials in Japan. Our shared commitment to innovation and data-driven approaches will benefit all stakeholders in healthcare research.” Together, they will support end-to-end data-driven clinical trial delivery, leveraging their respective strengths.

Established in 2017, Buzzreach is a dynamic force in the healthcare technology sector, specialising in innovative solutions bridging the gap between pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and patients. At the recent Japan Healthcare Business Contest 2023, Buzzreach won the Excellence Award, conferred by Japan’s Ministry for Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Buzzreach offers four powerful applications, each streamlining various aspects of clinical trials and patient engagement. Puzz is an information dissemination platform for pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, allowing them to publish and share clinical trial details with consumers, prospective patients, and physicians. SMT complements this by matching patients and physicians seeking new treatment options with relevant local clinical trials, providing specific information about the trials and their locations.

Study Concierge is a patient-centric clinical trial app, assisting clinical research coordinators in notifying patients about various aspects of their participation and helping them stay on track. Lastly, StudyWorks was introduced to university hospitals and other institutions as a project management app to streamline clinical trial site operations. These apps optimise clinical trial processes, from information dissemination to patient engagement, creating a more efficient and effective drug development process.


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