Carbios Bolsters Executive Committee in its vital Industrial-Commercial Development Year

Carbios (Euronext Growth Paris: ALCRB), a pioneer in the development and industrialization of biological technologies that reinvent the life cycle of plastics and textiles, announced that by 2023 that they have bolstered their management team with the appointment of Martine BRISSET as Senior Vice President, effective January 1, 2019. BRISSET manages the biodegradation department and oversees human resources, legal, regulatory, project management, quality, health, and safety departments. 

Industry sources added that Martine BRISSET will join the Group’s Executive Committee, as will Delphine DENOIZÉ. DENOIZÉ will continue to join the expanding team as Director of Innovation Programs Financing, Regulation, and LCA.

Carbios CEO Emmanuel Radon

Carbios CEO Emmanuel Radon commented: “The team has grown tremendously in the last six months to achieve our ambitious goals and we are delighted to appoint BRISSET and DENOIZÉ to the Executive Committee. Their achievements, particularly within the Calbios Group, will enhance the senior management expertise and skill diversity needed to succeed in Calbios’ critical year for industrialization and commercialization. It reinforces.”

Martine BRISSET, Carbios Senior Vice President stated: “After overseeing the production of thousands of tons of packaging plastic, I am now focused on reducing plastic pollution with biodegradable and biorecycling solutions. I am very excited to take on this wonderfully exciting challenge that is meaningful for generations and the industry.”

Industry sources added that Martine BRISSET has over 30 years of general management experience in leading international groups in the plastics and paper packaging industry, notably Amcor, Hattamacchi, Rinpak, and Klöckner Pentaplast. Since 2021, she has been the General Manager of Calbiolis and has worked to integrate this promising biodegradation-focused subsidiary into the Carbios Group. In his new role as Senior Vice President of Carbios, his main responsibilities will be to successfully deploy biodegradation technology, facilitate the international expansion of Carbios’ activities, and organize the recruitment and training of Group employees. In 2023, a large number of employees are scheduled to be hired throughout the company, and increasing the appeal of Calbios will be a strategic theme.

Delphine DENOIZÉ, Director of Innovation Programs Financing, Regulation and LCA: “What drives me is the satisfaction I get from completing a project, from concept to execution. At Carbios, every project is environmentally friendly. This is what impacts me, and working on this challenge fuels my passion for my work, and now that I am a member of the Executive Committee, I am able to not only structure and finance these projects, but also We look forward to supporting them more enthusiastically in terms of regulatory compliance and environmental performance.”

After several years of innovation in agriculture, while belonging to the Céréales Vallées cluster, Delphine DENOIZÉ discovered Carbios and helped create it. DENOIZÉ joined the company in 2016 and she was one of the first 20 employees. Initially, she was responsible for funding and regulation for innovation, then she was responsible for project management for PET biorecycling and now oversees all projects of the group. Her responsibilities include French and European public funding for innovation, regulatory compliance of processes and products worldwide, and assessment of environmental impact with specific tools such as Life Cycle Assessment.

The Executive Committee of Carbios Group comprises of: –

Emmanuel Radon, CEO

Lionel ARRAS, Director of Industrial Development

Mathieu BERTHOUD, Sourcing and Public Affairs Director


Martine BRISSET, General Manager Biodegradation, Senior Vice President Calvios Group

Delphine DENOIZÉ, Director of Innovation Programs Financing, Regulation, and LCA

Stéphane FERREIRA, Chief Business Officer

Lise LUCCHESI, Intellectual Property Director

Professor Alan Marty, Chief Scientific Officer


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