CES 2022: Pudu Robotics showcases its flagship commercial service Robots

Pudu Robotics, the commercial service robots, has wrapped up a highly successful showcase at CES 2022, which took place between January 5-7 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. In addition to exhibiting its flagship commercial service robots in the global arena, Pudu Robotics used the event to reaffirm its increased focus on IoT technology and lay out its product roadmap based on a “multi-functional, multi-scenario” strategy.

The highlights of Pudu Robotics’ booth was the Afra C1 cleaning robot, which officially made its international debut on the commercial cleaning robot market at CES 2022. The first of its kind in Pudu Robotics’ portfolio, the Afra C1 provides efficient professional-grade deep cleaning in a number of settings and environments, including multi-floor buildings and residences. The Afra C1 garnered widespread attention from media, exhibitors, and attendees during the event, and has already started to redefine the cleaning industry’s existing scenario-based standard operating procedure with its versatile capabilities.

Pudu Robotics also displayed its star-studded line-up of commercial service robots at CES 2022, including the BellaBot premium food delivery robot, KettyBot delivery, and reception robot with an ad display, PuduBot classic delivery robot, HolaBot contactless delivery robot with calling and pagering functions, FlashBot building delivery robot. Over the course of CES 2022, the company welcomed floods of visitors to its booth and received multiple inquiries about its flagship products from restaurateurs and catering operators seeking to unlock the unlimited possibilities for commercial transformation using smart technology.

In addition to CES 2022, Pudu Robotics has also actively sought to bring the benefits of commercial service delivery robots to more companies across the world. At the end of 2021, Pudu Robotics launched a highly successful one-week free trial of PuduBot for restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices, hospitals, and other catering operators in Dallas, Texas. With widespread labor shortages in the region, many restaurateurs discovered the potential of commercial service robots to increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and attract customers.

Looking ahead to 2022, Pudu Robotics has already made plans to continue investing in research and development for its commercial service robots. With a team of technologically-minded engineers and researchers that embrace the ‘spirit of inventors’, Pudu Robotics will look to make significant leaps forward as it explores new applications for its technology all while remaining customer-centric in its approach. These include refining new products in line with industry best practices across different service scenarios, promoting the implementation of new business models alongside its technological developments, and achieving the in-depth integration and innovation of AI in commercial service robots. In doing so, Pudu Robotics will continue its mission to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living.



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