CHT Security: Taiwan’s Most Trusted Cyber Security Solutions Provider 2023

CHT Security (CHTS) Security Operations Center (SOC)

CHT Security proudly accepts the honor of being awarded the Most Trusted Cyber Security Solutions Provider Taiwan 2023 by World Business Outlook, a Singapore-based business publication. CHT Security, founded in 2017, stands as a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in Taiwan, offering diverse security services compliant to international standards and are tailored to meet escalating cybersecurity needs. As a subsidiary company of the Chunghwa Telecom Group, the largest telco and one of the most trustworthy ICT companies in Taiwan, CHT Security is also among a few to provide telco-centric security services.

The majority of its client base originates from key sectors, including government entities, finance, high-tech manufacturing, healthcare, and retail industries. Besides domestic clients, it has proven records in countries spanning from Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.), to South Africa and North America.

Setting itself apart, CHT Security integrates a Security Operations Center (SOC) with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. The innovative approach improves threat detection accuracy and facilitates proactive threat responses. Moreover, the commitment to research and development fuels the creation of tools and products, such as SecuTex Network Protection, SecuTex Endpoint Detection, and the end-to-end encrypted communication system, CypherCom, tailored to clients’ evolving needs, embracing emerging technologies like IoT, OT and zero-trust architecture.

CHT Security General Manager Jeff Hung

CHT Security’s prowess in incident response, demonstrated through its SOC, MDR services, and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technology integration, provides prompt incident resolution and prevention, fortifying overall security posture and resilience. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, CHT Security actively seeks feedback for continuous service improvement, ensuring reliability without compromising quality. Notably, in penetration testing, CHT Security uncovered over 90 vulnerabilities, showcasing its dedication to excellence.

In a landscape witnessing a surge in cyber threats, Taiwan’s robust IT sector demands heightened cybersecurity measures, making it a pivotal market for such services. Navigating challenges like skill shortages and evolving threats, the cybersecurity market in Taiwan encompasses various services, from network security to compliance and risk management. CHT Security’s exceptional performance, certified standards (ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 20000, and ISO 17025 and IEC 62443 CB Testing Lab, etc.), and extensive client base position it as a reliable cybersecurity partner. CHT Security is recognized by World Business Outlook for its outstanding achievements, earning it the Most Trusted Cyber Security Solutions Provider Taiwan 2023. In conclusion, CHT Security’s comprehensive, tailored, and innovative solutions make it a competitive leader, ensuring holistic cybersecurity strategies for its clients.

For more information, visit CHT Security’s official website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.