Cloud4C launches GCP Platform for hiblocks built on KLAYTN Blockchain

Cloud4C, the world’s leading cloud managed services provider, announced today that it has successfully launched Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Managed Services for hiblocks, a leading decentralised social media platform built on the KLAYTN blockchain with presences in South Korea and Indonesia. hiblocks is famous with its blockchain-based social media application, ‘HABL’, which has ranked top 10 popularity both in Google play store and Apple store. To date, Cloud4C has completed the migration for hiblocks and will continue to deliver GCP Managed Services such as GCP security guidance, implementation of autoscaling groups and microservice consulting.

“It is our pleasure to become a trusted managed services provider (MSP) for hiblocks and help them leverage the power of the cloud in improving performance, enhancing security and global expansion. hiblocks is a trailblazer in the region’s social media and blockchain space, and requires a flexible, agile and scalable infrastructure for its business applications as well as reduced time to market. Cloud4C is proud to have helped them complete their migration and go-live with agility, and we will continue to support their growth journey both in Korea and Indonesia over the next year,” said Peter Seo, Country Manager of Cloud4C Korea.

To address hiblocks’ current issues with performance, operational excellence and security and reliability, Cloud4C completed a comprehensive performance review, created a forward-looking troubleshooting plan, provided an in-depth security assessment, and implemented autoscaling groups.

This was accomplished through Cloud4C’s consultative, data-driven ‘Cloud4C Cloud Migration Factory’, which is the company’s professional automation solution for the complete cloud migration of in-scope virtual machines and Service Level Agreement-backed cloud platform managed services. It includes hyperscaling and stabilisation, right sizing and expert technical advice and help with GCP Managed Services. Cloud4C Cloud Migration Factory offered an automated, process-driven ticket-based troubleshooting system for streamlined support that helped performance improvement by 54 per cent and TCO reduction by 47 per cent, resulting in near-zero operational downtime and higher productivity. Cloud4C also supported hiblocks’ overall cost optimisation by microservice consulting for continuous improvement and to resolve cloud infrastructure autoscale configuration issues.

They have also seen improvements in efficiency and agility in an adhoc, robust environment, as well as increased visibility into application development workflows with continuous improvement and deployment. Additionally, they have eliminated unnecessary public exposure and enhanced their firewall configurations and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection.

“With social media usage and interest in blockchain skyrocketing globally, we have seen rapid growth over the past year with a 200% increase in annual sales and over 250,000 registered users within 11 months. We needed to enhance our GCP setup to cater for this growth, and Cloud4C was able to suggest solutions that could be easily integrated. They can also support us anywhere with their global infrastructure and network, which was very important for our expansion plans. We have been very happy with the improvements that we have seen since completing the migration, and we look forward to delivering innovation to Myanmar, Vietnam and Europe this year in addition to the current rapid growth in Indonesia,” said Young Kim, CEO of hiblocks.

Cloud4C is a certified Google Partner with a proven track record and industry expertise. Cloud4C has had global official partnership with Google Cloud to build a Centre of Excellence (CoE) based on SAP and Anthos technologies, driving and fostering digital transformation deployments at enterprise level. With seamless cooperation between Cloud4C Korea team and Cloud4C Global CoE team for GCP as well as Google Cloud Platform local team, it serves as a multi-disciplinary customer showcase hub, developing and delivering solutions for high efficiency and reliability.

“Through this collaboration with Cloud4C, we found that Cloud4C is a competitive managed service provider as they have many global GCP experts who can respond immediately to rapidly-changing customer requirements and deliver key business applications. Such a responsive and experienced partner is key to supporting customer’s innovation in Korea and beyond, especially for the customers like hiblocks that is a rapidly growing start-up company dealing with a vast amount of data for Machine Learning and Blockchain. Also, given that Cloud4C has strong capabilities in the areas of SAP and GCP Anthos through global partnership, we are very excited for future collaborations between GCP and Cloud4C,” said Andy Ahn, Partner Manager of Google Cloud Korea.

Since Cloud4C has been actively engaging with global businesses and supporting them in their digital transformation and cloud transition and enabling their global business growth, through complex managed services including SAP services, Datacenter Modernisation, Security and Compliance, Business continuity, Data and AI. This year, Cloud4C is extending its area of service offerings to include Enterprise Applications, AIOps, DevOps, Big Data, ML, IoT, Smart Grid, Edge Computing, VDI, Workspace Collaboration, Automation, Hybrid and Private Cloud Hosting, Industry Cloud Framework.

hiblocks is consistently working to upgrade the application. In the first half year of 2022, hiblocks plans to launch two new main features of HABL application: VR, AR, and GPS based “Challenge Run” and “NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Market Place” where any user can claim their digital ownership with NFT system. hiblocks will keep expanding its business areas by developing blockchain based applications that are utilising other new technologies in the IT industry.

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