Cognex joins the OSARO Partners Alliance

Cognex Joins the OSARO Partners Alliance to Enhance Pick-and-Place Robots in Fulfillment Warehouses
Cognex Joins the OSARO Partners Alliance to Enhance Pick-and-Place Robots in Fulfillment Warehouses

OSARO, a global leader in machine-learning-enabled robotics for e-commerce, has welcomed Cognex Corporation, the leader in industrial machine vision, into the OSARO Partners Alliance, an ecosystem of expertise aimed at delivering optimal automation solutions to customers. By integrating Cognex DataMan fixed-mount, image-based barcode readers into the OSARO Robotic Bagging System, OSARO solved a difficult technical challenge for Zenni Optical.

The recent deployment at Zenni in Novato, California, showcased the role of Cognex’s DataMan barcode readers in OSARO’s system, which comprises a FANUC M-10 Series robot arm powered by OSARO SightWorks™ vision and control system for robots, a Pregis Sharp™ automated bagging machine, Cognex readers, and Framos cameras to guide the robot. NPSG Global constructed the physical infrastructure in collaboration with OSARO’s technical team.

The system demonstrated compelling ROI for one of the world’s top eyeglass retailers by solving an ongoing challenge. Zenni’s signature translucent blue eyeglass cases had stymied scanners from several OEMs that were unable to read barcodes through the plastic cases. OSARO vetted several suppliers before selecting Cognex DataMan readers, which achieved 99% accuracy and read rates, while increasing throughput by 80%.

Lighting plays an important role in barcode reading solutions and helps to increase read rates. Cognex’s high-intensity LED lighting — a high-powered integrated torch (HPIT) — was instrumental in the ability to read barcodes through Zenni’s eyewear cases. Today, each OSARO robotic system can pick, scan, bag, and label up to 410 eyeglasses per hour.

“At OSARO, we’re always looking for the best technologies and vendors to incorporate into our strategic partnership ecosystem. Cognex is now part of that partnership strategy to deploy the best possible solutions to our customers,” said OSARO VP of Operations Gemma Ross. “We are excited to be working with Cognex and to draw on their experts with deep domain experience in the successful deployment of barcode readers in challenging e-commerce and logistics applications.”

“Cognex is proud to partner with OSARO to solve the most difficult barcode reading challenges on behalf of its customer, Zenni,” said Ben Carey, director of logistics product management at Cognex. “Our DataMan barcode-reading solutions can read barcodes in challenging conditions, ensuring that customers can maintain an efficient and accurate robotic pick-and-place process — and deliver customer orders on time.”


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