Coretec Group raises awareness on Endurion battery program

The Coretec Group, Inc. – developer of silicon anode for lithium-ion batteries, engineered silicon, and 3D volumetric displays – is embarking on this summer Events for the automotive, electric vehicle, and battery industries to discuss how its Endurion battery program can drive the electrification of transportation and increase battery efficiency across industries.

Coretec Group added that post attending the Automotive News Congress on Electric Vehicles and Batteries in Nashville in May and the Mackinac Policy Conference in Northern Michigan in June, the Coretec Group will be adding a few more events to its calendar over the coming months.

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Coretec Group added that they have plans to leverage the EV and battery industry’s leading technical, business and networking events to deepen and expand its relationships, meet potential partners and customers, and raise awareness of Coretec Group’s endurion battery development program to increase.

The Coretec Group applies its decades of experience in the field of technical silicon to a problem that continues to pose challenges for designers of modern batteries.

The lithium-ion battery industry has recognized that silicon anodes clearly represent the next frontier in advances in battery performance. This is large because silicon can increase energy density, enable longer-lasting batteries, and improve cycle life.

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The silicon anode Coretec Group is developing in its Endurion program uses nanotechnology to provide a solution to the Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) problem battery experts have encountered to date when they attempted to achieve potentially 10 times greater lithium storage by using silicon in battery anodes. The SEI layer problem reduces a battery’s charge capacity by up to 40% from the first charge-discharge cycle to the second cycle and is a well-known problem when using silicon in anodes. The Coretec Group solves this problem by using nano-sized silicon molecules in the anode.

Matthew Kappers, CEO of the Coretec Group

Matthew Kappers, CEO of the Coretec Group stated “Battery chemistry was a big topic at the ‘Automotive News’ conference and that is exactly what we do. We believe our unique approach to silicon nanoparticles in battery chemistry can unlock the potential of silicon to extend battery life, increase cycle life and improve overall battery life in ways never seen before. We look forward to discussing our progress with potential partners and customers at key automotive, EV, and battery industry events over the coming months.”



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