Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management extends funding to Singapore


Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management proudly announces publicly the extension of its securities lending program into Singapore. Our latest expansion into Singapore is due to demand from the country, we are providing much needed to support to businesses in need during this tough time. Vanderbilt extends its securities lending program for businesses struggling in the pandemic.

Executive Vice President Susan Liew says “In 2020, Singapore posted a GDP growth of -6%. However, latest estimates from Singapore’s Ministry of Trade & Industry (MIT) show Singapore’s GDP had rose 0.2% YOY, a turnaround from a 2.4% contraction registered in the fourth quarter of 2020. Cornelius Vanderbilt has just announced the extension of our funding to aid businesses and specifically to further develop the country – Singapore. This will bring some relief and allow promising fast growth companies and businesses to innovate, transform and scale.”

Head of Global Sales & Underwriting, Jack Thorne, MBA, CPA says “Extending our funding to Singapore comes at a great time for businesses that are finding it hard to find funds to keep a strong balance sheet. Asset backed financing represents a $4.5 trillion market, which is forecast to grow to $7 trillion in the next five years. Cornelius have pledged $5 billion dollars to this market over the next five years, we expect to see exponential growth, securities lending is a big part of our plans.”

Executive Vice President Alessia Anton says “Singapore’s economy is on a steady path to regain strength as both technical and fundamental indicators such as the Straits Times Index (STI) shows us that it is on the path of recovery and slowly creeping up; this opportunity allows the country’s shareholders to rip the benefits of our lending program. We want to ensure businesses can continue to operate and thrive under the current circumstances.’

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Cornelius Vanderbilt is a premier provider of wealth management and multi-faceted Merger and Acquisition services in all aspects of debt and equity financing, restructuring, valuation, and strategic consulting. We are extending our rewards program to our Business Development Manager’s. We welcome you with the opportunity to provide your clients bespoke liquidity solutions with our stock loan rewards program. You can earn a commission within 14 days of your client’s initial application as well as earn extra bonuses for the referral.