Cowboy partners with Spark Connected to launch new e-bikes

Spark Connected, a global leader in developing advanced and innovative wireless power technology announced a partnership with Cowboy , a Brussels-based e-bike manufacturer, who has launched their newest e-bike series with Spark Connected’s wireless charging solution.

Cowboy has integrated Spark Connected’s unique wireless charging technology into the C4 and C4 ST e-bike series. Spark’s wireless charging solution vastly enhances the user experience and complements an already impressive list of features by Cowboy that incorporates design elegance, affordability, and technology to connect owners to their bikes through an app. The partnership with Spark Connected allowed Cowboy to quickly develop their industry-first cockpit. Spark provided industry leading wireless power technology with unparalleled support to the Cowboy engineering team to come up with the best technical system level solution.

According to Ruwanga Dassanayake, COO at Spark Connected, “It has been amazing to watch the Cowboy team’s journey in bringing this stunning, connected e-bike to market. Spark Connected’s unique wireless charging technology complements this feature rich e-bike and will reshape the way we think about e-mobility.”

Exclusively available on the C4 and C4 ST is a cockpit integrated into the stem featuring a built-in mount to securely hold the rider’s smartphone, providing the user with real-time access to essential information through the Cowboy app as they ride. Once docked, the phone will wirelessly connect and charge, directly leveraging the bike’s internal battery.

“We wanted to give anyone’s phone and the new Cowboy app centre stage, enabling our riders to have a companion along for the ride, offering easy and instant access to information such as remaining battery range, air quality on route and a wide range of live fitness stats,” said Tanguy Goretti, Co-Founder and CTO. “Thanks to our proprietary cockpit and our partnership with Spark Connected, it is now easy to quickly and securely dock your phone and give it a battery charge as you ride.”



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