Daimler introduces bird’s eye view camera system for bus drivers

Bird's eye view for the bus drivers

Daimler, the German automotive giant, has announced a new safety feature for its buses. The company’s Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses can be optionally equipped with a 360-degree or 270-degree camera system.

New to vehicles from Daimler Buses are the optional 360-degree camera system for Mercedes-Benz and Setra solo buses in touring, inter-city and regular service operations and a 270-degree system in the Mercedes-Benz Citaro articulated bus. On the solo vehicle four cameras give an all-around view of the surrounding area (360 degrees), while on the articulated bus, due to the different articulation angles of the front and rear sections, three cameras give a lateral overview to the left and right of the rear section and to the rear (270 degrees).

Daimler reports that the mounting of the front camera is based on the model. It could either be mounted below or above the windscreen, while both side cameras are located above the side windows. Just like the present reversing camera, the rear camera is mounted in the vicinity of the rear window. 

As the vehicle pulls away, the camera system is automatically activated up to a speed of 35 km/h. It is also active at higher speeds when the turn signal indicator is actuated. As speed is reduced, the system also switches on automatically from 32 km/h. On a ten-inch monitor with a divided screen, the driver sees the bus from a bird’s eye perspective. A second image on the monitor is dependent on the driving situation: depending on which turn signal indicator is activated or the engaged reversing gear, it changes automatically to the appropriate side for example. A total of five views are available. Also drivers can switch the images manually when required. A corresponding menu is available for this on the screen. The driver can also use this to manually switch the monitor on or off. Daimler revealed that the images provide a field of vision up to a distance of five to six metres which ensures that the neighbouring lane is also covered.

It has been officially announced that the new camera systems are expected to be available on request from the first quarter of 2022 for numerous buses: for the entire range of Mercedes-Benz low-floor Citaro including the eCitaro and Citaro Ü, for the new Mercedes-Benz Intouro inter-city bus and the high-deck Tourismo, the new Tourrider for North America and the Setra TopClass S 531 DT double-decker bus.

The buses from Mercedes-Benz and Setra have already demonstrated Sideguard Assist the turning assistance system, Active Brake Assist the emergency braking system for inter-city buses and touring coaches, Preventive Brake Assist the active braking assistance system on city buses, the ESP Electronic Stability Program and the articulation limiter control ATC (Articulation Turntable Controller) for the articulated bus.



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