Dealing of the Cloud Strategy in advance as an Investment Portfolio

Image Credits: - Gerd Altmann/ Network

Thomas Friedmann, a noted author of the book ‘The World is Flat’ pointed out that the economic globalization has in fact flattened out the historical, native as well as cultural segment.

Within the digitalized global world, the ubiquity of the cloud services still vows out to be having a similar reality. As well as just as within the economic world, there remains fewer central players (in form of China as well as the US), there are also few within the cloud world with power concentration within few places also known as “hyperscalers”.

The very concept regarding the data/cloud Sovereignty is much debated based on a firm, industry as well as on a national level. However, let’s have a point to ponder and be much clearer that as per the Wikipedia, dominion is the full right and power bestowed upon a governing body over itself without any meddling from outside sources or bodies.

This is surely not the circumstance within the today’s flat world of cloud quickening. It could be a grave subject in future because you know that cloud budgets can raise intensely as utilization intensifies. As well as, the position and urgency of data security and secrecy have full-fledged dramatically.

This has recently also proven as a source of concern, maybe even fear. Concerns are swiftly adopting the cloud by utilizing the software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings and drift their data centres. Progressively driven by macroeconomic and political advances, they also see the threat of becoming too dependent.

Full dominion as defined above is not genuine. Only the hyperscalers have the true sense of managing the financial power and the competence to offer globally scalable cloud services, at least for infrastructure and big data storage. So, the query is: How firms can avoid the threats of lock-in effects and needs that put them into weak (compromise) situations.

Sensible and Selective Investments

What if you were to indulge your cloud podium as if it were an investment portfolio? You could utilize risk evading strategies as you do in investment administration, spread on the belief of diversification and plummeting the acquaintance to any one particular asset or risk. You could spread and hedge reliance risks, working with diverse types of investments, as you do with stock, real estate, merchandises, etc.

Investors also guard up the multiple markets, territories, and industries as well as view for long-term returns.

Explained to the world of IT, this would thereby depict:

  • Working with multiple vendors
  • Identifying independent specialists
  • Establishing a strong partner ecosystem

More precisely, you want to formulate for a diverse environment comprising of multi-cloud services, hybrid arrangements, and the embracing of edge computing. The vitality here is to analytically integrate the numerous systems, applications, as well as devices, and not hardwire them through the custom code. Well-defined de-coupling is an imperative concept to attain a higher degree of sovereignty: Avoid hard-coded reliance contractually and technically.

Attaining platform liberation

These centrals naturally to the concept of an API-driven enterprise.

You’ll have the suppleness to:

  • Define where and how you want to unplug from a platform
  • Design for the case of a platform migration
  • Use industry standards
  • Avoid proprietary dependencies

There is also a marketable aspect to that. You need to comprehend APIs as an asset and grip on to the prospects of an API economy. All this puts one in a more commanding and self-sufficient position. Switching budgets are kept at a minimum, so migrations are accurate in case there is a necessity to move away from a vendor.

As a byproduct, a fresh API-led atmosphere is also generating room for innovation while in possession of your core systems secured. On one side of the API, you lodge in the mission-critical apps that you do not wish to touch; and on the other side, permit agile progress of new ideas, using cutting-edge technologies.

By doing so, it is unquestionably wise to invest in the value-forming projects and not just revive the wheel, i.e. competences that previously exist on the market. You wish to focus on the “last mile” that is typically industry or even company-specific. Use good independent tech stacks for the “other miles” and don’t get bogged down with building your own “platforms.”

It’s well worth it

Any number of things can go mistaken on the Internet as you know, but attaining a level of dominion and diversification in the cloud makes for superior autonomy and power – even outside of your domain, because you have pre-assumed options in place. Your assets have the best probable shield.