DMTR enters the Agricultural Lending & Insurance Market

Dimitra Incorporated ($DMTR) is entering the agricultural lending and insurance market, making microloans available to 570 million smallholder farmers around the world through Dimitra’s proprietary agricultural management platform.

Dimitra claims to be a driving change in the Crypto and Defi applications provide services in the agricultural lending, insurance, and management space. First with its Dimitra Connected Farmer app, second with its Livestock and Genetics Management, and now with Dimitra’s newly released SaaS model.

Jon Trask, CEO of Dimitra, comments, “utilizing a CeDeFi strategy to provide capital and insurance to operations in the agricultural industry provides farmers access to new avenues of funding and also enables Ag-based centralized financial institutions to make an entry into the crypto market and share the risk and rewards by combining exciting new crypto concepts and solutions that accelerate the world’s largest economic sector and also provide new opportunities globally. We are very excited to partner with leading Defi lending and insurance companies and provide these solutions to the people who need them most.

Dimitra currently states to have teams on the ground in 68 countries and can provide these CeDeFi lending and insurance solutions to hundreds of millions of farms. The Dimitra Platform offers innovative risk management capabilities through satellite, drone, IoT sensor, farmer observation (photographs and measurements), and analysis. The Dimitra platform also monitors farm performance and provides real-time data-driven recommendations to farmers with the goal of increasing yields, reducing costs, and mitigating risks. Satellite analysis of previous years’ crop performance is available going back 20 years which can aid in assessing loan risks.

Dimitra’s SaaS platform has been created and developed through an extensive discovery process with governments and NGOs across the world. This collaborative approach coupled with rigorous testing has led Dimitra to secure contracts with farm associations globally.

Dimitra, with its partners, will provide CeDeFi loans in three key areas: Farming (i.e., Crop and Livestock), Supply Chain Management, and Trade Finance

These loans will be underpinned by the Dimitra Token ($DMTR), allowing Dimitra token investors to be involved in the rewards programs available in the agricultural and food sector. $DMTR token staking provides financial yield opportunities to participants in the rapidly growing world of decentralized public crypto-economics.

Dimitra’s My Finance module, which is part of the Connected Farmer Platform, automates the loan management process and speeds up the process for farmers to get loans who need them the most. In early 2022, Dimitra will announce partnerships with several crypto companies that will supplement these financing processes. Conceptually, farms will secure microloans with crop certificates or purchase CeDeFi funded insurance policies to offset risk.



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