Dominari Financial acquires Fieldpoint Private Bank and Trust

Carlos Aldavero, President of Dominari Financial Inc. Image credits taken from Zoominfo

Dominari Financial Inc, the financial services subsidiary of Dominari Holdings Inc, has announced the acquisition of the broker-dealer and registered investment advisor business of Fieldpoint Private Bank and Trust. The acquired business will be the foundation of a new financial services entity that will be known as Dominari Securities LLC. Fieldpoint Private Bank and Trust will continue to operate its Personal Banking and Commercial Banking entities under its name.

Dominari Financial Inc. was formed with the intention of acquiring revenue generating assets in the fintech and financial services industry. “Since inception, our goal has been to move swiftly to execute a consolidation strategy forming a strong and differentiated platform of wealth management firms that cater to ultra-high-net worth (“UNHW”) and high-net worth investors (“HNW”). This transformative purchase gives us the organizational infrastructure and technology needed to scale Dominari into a financial services powerhouse”, said Carlos Aldavero, President of Dominari Financial Inc. Mr. Aldavero will oversee the integration of the acquired assets into Dominari and lead the effort to recruit top-tier talent to the firm.

Kyle Wool, Dominari Holdings board member, acted as matchmaker on the deal and will continue to work closely with Mr. Aldavero on growth and acquisition initiatives for the firm. “The board fully supports the diversification strategy of which Dominari Financial and Dominari Securities are cornerstone pillars, “added Wool. “Today’s purchase catapults Dominari Financial Inc. forward and lays the groundwork for future acquisitions. I am looking forward to working closely with Carlos to continue to identify additional synergistic companies to bring into the portfolio,” he continued.

Dominari Securities will be a full-service wealth management and investment advisory company specializing in HNW and UHNW investors, family offices, small to mid-sized institutions, founders and entrepreneurs. Dominari Securities will also provide certain banking and lending services through a collaborative agreement with third-party institutions, delivering the full balance sheet to investors, corporations, and institutional clients.


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