Elation Health announces partnership with Ribbon Health

Pratik Savai, CTO of Elation Health

Elation Health, one of the clinical-first platform powering the future of sustainable primary care, and Ribbon Health, one of the leader in healthcare provider data management, recently announced that Elation and Ribbon have partnered to integrate Ribbon’s provider data solution into Elation Health’s primary care electronic health record (EHR) platform. More than 24,000 clinicians across the Elation community will gain access to Ribbon’s provider directory data to power their referral management workflows while decreasing administrative burden and giving physicians greater time for patient care. Elation’s customers will also have the option to leverage Ribbon’s insurance plan information and provider affiliations data, as well as demographics information and clinical focus areas in order to drive better patient-provider matches that are both cost effective and high-quality.

A staggering 50% of records in publicly available electronic provider directories have at least one inaccuracy, making it difficult for providers and care navigators to access the most basic information needed to route patients to high-quality healthcare. Beyond basic directory information, providers lack more nuanced data that can be critical for making informed care decisions, such as the insurance a provider accepts or the cost and quality of the provider’s care. As a result, inadequate or inaccessible data can result in a patient opting out of the healthcare system altogether.

“Our ultimate vision is to create a world where navigating healthcare is simple. Ribbon enriches thousands of data points on providers to create a single source of truth for accurate and actionable provider information,” said Nate Maslak, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbon Health. “Elation’s mission deeply aligns with ours — to provide access to affordable and high-quality care. By partnering with Elation in shaping the future, we are able to power streamlined referrals for providers and their patients across the country while improving access to better care at large.”

Ribbon Health is building the infrastructure to transform billions of care decisions. Integrating with Elation’s EHR platform means that more primary care clinicians will experience a streamlined and exceptional referral management process, empowering them with greater time for direct patient care. Together, Elation and Ribbon elevate the patient experience by ensuring people are referred to in-network, high-quality specialists who can meet their unique clinical needs, account for diverse patient preferences, and provide transparent insight into the cost of care.

“We are excited to partner with Ribbon Health and offer their innovative data solution within Elation’s intuitive platform in order to accelerate technology-enabled, team-based care,” said Pratik Savai, CTO of Elation Health. “Thoughtful, informed referrals to other clinicians are a key part of the primary care toolkit. This Ribbon technology aligns well with our focus on supporting the physician-patient relationship and enabling success in advanced payment models.”

Elation’s modern, open, cloud-native platform supports leading enterprise primary care innovators in achieving success in value-based care delivery, driving results such as 30% healthcare cost savings and four times reduction in referrals to high-cost specialists.



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