Elevating the Housing Landscape: Bashundhara Housing’s Transformative Impact on Bangladesh

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In Bangladesh’s housing sector, Bashundhara Housing stands as a pioneer, reshaping residential living and setting new industry benchmarks. Bashundhara Housing has moved beyond traditional real estate development, focusing on creating comprehensive communities with all imaginable amenities and services within reach. Their visionary master plan harmoniously integrates amenities, infrastructure, and services, fostering a sustainable modern lifestyle.

The real estate and housing sector contributes around 7.8% to the country’s GDP, and Bashundhara plays the most pivotal role in this growth, being one of the largest employers in Bangladesh’s real estate industry, contributing directly and indirectly to a substantial portion of the population.

The company’s growth has led to job creation in construction, real estate, and related service sectors. These employment opportunities significantly enhance living standards and the economy, benefiting a large number of individuals. Additionally, the housing sector’s growth, influenced by entities like Bashundhara, stimulates various interconnected industries, further boosting employment opportunities and economic development.

Pioneering Housing Concepts in Bangladesh

Bashundhara Housing has marked its presence in the housing sector with remarkable projects like Bashundhara Baridhara, one of Dhaka’s largest private housing projects. Originating in 1987, the company expanded across various industrial sectors.

In response to Dhaka’s rapid population growth, Bashundhara initiated the Bashundhara Baridhara Housing Project (BBHP) as the largest housing project area of 7,000 acres (approx.)  approved by the Capital City Development Authority (RAJUK). The objective of BBHP was to create a secure, pollution-free environment, incorporating civic facilities such as educational institutions, amusement parks, shopping centers, modern hospitals, and police barracks. In addition to the visionary plan, Bashundhara Housing’s initiatives offer a new generation city that are

  • Imbued with a comprehensive range of modern city amenities for citizen convenience.
  • Crafted to provide a tranquil living environment, free from the chaos of city life.
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Bashundhara also introduced the Bashundhara Riverview Land Project, approx. 3000 acres to offer planned housing facilities in old Dhaka. It’s strategically positioned near the wide 4-lane Dhaka-Mawa highway, and its proximity is expected to significantly increase its demand and price. The project aims to offer a new-generation city with a well-planned road network of 20 to 50 feet within the project. Residents can expect easy access from various significant locations and a short 10-15-minute journey from the center of the capital.

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The Riverview Dokhina Land project, sprawling across approximately 200 acres, is positioned in Dakhin Keranigonj, adjacent to DC HOUSING, and in proximity to the Riverview Land project. It introduces a new-generation city characterized by a blend of modernity and natural serenity. Situated 4 km away from the 300-foot-wide Dhaka-Mawa expressway, the project promises a pollution-free and clean atmosphere along the riverbank, providing all types of civic amenities like schools, colleges, hospitals, police outposts, shopping complexes, banks, and ATMs. Another significant project, the Bashundhara Mouchak Land Project, encompassing approximately 300 acres, is situated in Gazipur, near South Jambari. The planned city ensures modern amenities, including a flood-free zone, a well-developed road network, and an environment conducive to building projects. Bashundhara Housing continues to expand its horizon with projects like the Riverview Green Town Land Project, spanning 400 acres, positioned at Tegoria in Keranigonj, nestled beside the Dhaka-Mawa highway and adjacent to the government Jhillmill project.”. This project enjoys the advantage of being situated along the Dhaka-Mawa Highway, close to the RAJUK-Jhilmill, benefiting from proximity to various government facilities. Furthermore, the Jatrabari flyover’s initiation is expected to significantly increase the demand and value of this location. Notably, the strategic placement near the second airport elevates the project’s potential. Offering 3, 4, 5 Katha plots and irregularly shaped land parcels, the project is planned to include future amenities like schools, colleges, hospitals, utilities including electricity, gas, WASA, fire stations, and a park.”s

Bashundhara’s expansion led to environmental concerns in the northern part of Dhaka. Consequently, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was deemed necessary, aligning with Bashundhara’s commitment to creating sustainable and eco-friendly living spaces.

Holistic Living Experience at Bashundhara Residential Area

Bashundhara Residential Area exemplifies a comprehensive, modern lifestyle, seamlessly blending contemporary amenities with serene, nature-rich surroundings. The development integrates sophisticated urban planning and a wide array of modern facilities.

The infrastructure boasts a well-thought-out network of roads, expressways, and avenues, and a 25 km long canal further enhances its visual charm. The area emphasizes educational institutions, renowned hospitals, and spiritual sanctuaries, catering to a diverse range of residents’ needs.

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 To ensure residents’ safety, the area is monitored by a 24-hour surveillance system, comprising trained security guards and cutting-edge CCTV technology. The green and serene surroundings signify an effort towards afforestation, contributing to a tranquil, noise-free living space.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Bashundhara Residential Area aims to create a vibrant, interconnected society beyond conventional urban living. The community incorporates physical infrastructures like roads and buildings, as well as social, cultural, educational, and recreational elements to enrich residents’ lives. Educational institutions and health facilities serve as the backbone of community development, fostering learning, wellness, and cultural exchange. The community’s commitment to safety and green initiatives further emphasizes a responsible and inclusive environment.

The well-designed infrastructure includes roads from 25 feet to 200 feet, an expressway, and various amenities like stadiums, parks, schools, universities, hospitals, and more, emphasizing a comprehensive lifestyle. The community offers multiple commercial centers, food courts, restaurants, and shopping areas, enriching residents’ living experiences.

Environmental Responsibility and Recreation

Bashundhara Housing emphasizes green initiatives and a harmonious coexistence with nature. Environmental efforts include canopy roads, rows of trees, and butterfly-shaped street lights, creating a peaceful, noise-free environment. The community’s focus on recreation aims to provide diverse entertainment for all ages. The Bashundhara Golf Club, with its array of entertainment offerings, strives to create an enjoyable environment while minimizing environmental impact. Bashundhara Housing’s dedication to eco-conscious living is evident in its visionary approach, integrating eco-friendly elements to preserve the natural surroundings. The community’s efforts aim to offer a comfortable and modern lifestyle that respects and harmonizes with the environment.

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Customer-Centric Approach:

Bashundhara Housing’s commitment to customer satisfaction is a defining factor in its success. The project doesn’t just construct apartments but creates a home and satisfaction for its customers. Emphasis on creating an ideal residential environment with civic amenities, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities underscores Bashundhara’s commitment to providing a premier living experience.

This underscores the evolving real estate market in Bangladesh, where Bashundhara Housing is setting new standards in modern living.

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