eQ Technologic links with AWS Partner Network


eQ Technologic, provider of eQube -DaaS, the powerful low/no-code data integration and analytics platform, is proud to announce that it has joined the Partner Network (APN ) from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

APN is a global community of AWS Partners who use AWS to build innovative software solutions and services. AWS offers technical support and expertise to its partners, along with a broader reach that allows them to grow its customer base.

Industry sources added that AWS Partner designation status is a testament to eQ’s results-driven, customer-centric approach to business, which aligns with AWS’s well-architected Best Practices, prioritizing all six of its pillars. 

eQ Technologic Logo

The eQ Technologic platform leverages AWS services like EC2, S3, RDS, SNS, ACM, KMS, and more, offering a complete portfolio of cloud services and cloud management that creates secure, fast, and flexible access to the cloud.

Industry sources further confirmed that globally, companies are increasingly moving towards software solutions and services that can, without compromising security, quickly and efficiently meet their business needs to accelerate their digital transformation. eQube-DaaS platform, aids its customers to accelerate their Digital Transformation by establishing a data fabric that connects data, applications and devices across the enterprise. 

Working with AWS furthers eQ’s goals: to empower businesses through scalable and robust integration and analytics solutions, create ease of access to business insights for digital transformation, and create valuable and meaningful impact.

Dinesh Khaladkar, President and CEO of eQ Technologic

Dinesh Khaladkar, President and CEO of eQ Technologic, stated, “We are very excited to join the AWS Partner Network as it is the perfect place for us to substantially expand the reach of eQube -DaaS. Innovative data fabric solutions based on business results for large customers around the world, we will reach more small and medium enterprises. Our Data Fabric solutions will become more cost-effective and accessible to anyone. By joining APN , we are on an accelerated path to democratize digital transformation.”

Sanjeev Tamboli , CTO at eQ Technologic

Sanjeev Tamboli , CTO added, “We are excited to join the AWS Partner Network. AWS Partner status highlights our ability to deliver scalable, managed cloud deployments without compromising security best practices. By leveraging AWS, eQ will be able to reach a wider audience and allow customers to effortlessly integrate cloud-based and on-premises applications.”.



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