Finance Digitize 2023 to highlight the importance of Technology in various sectors


Finance Digitize, a cutting-edge conference centered around the convergence of finance and technology, is scheduled to take place on September 14th, 2023, in Dubai, UAE. The event will delve into the significant role that finance leaders play in harnessing technology’s potential within their organizations across various sectors. Finance Digitize aims to foster a platform for finance professionals, industry experts, and technology pioneers to collectively unravel the ever-evolving finance landscape in the UAE. The conference will spotlight the transformational impact of technology on finance functions, providing insights into how digitalization is reshaping the responsibilities of finance heads. Objectives: The conference holds a twofold objective: to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and insights among finance leaders and to equip attendees with tools to leverage technology for innovation in their roles.

Key Details:

Speakers: 15+ expert speakers representing prominent companies in the UAE

Industries: Insights spanning across 20+ industries

Attendees: Expected participation from 150+ professionals

Companies: Representation from 100+ companies

Sessions: 10+ focused sessions covering critical finance-technology themes

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