Fusion Enertech offers lithium investment and EDL Technical Support to Argentina

The delegation of Empresa Fusion Enertech International Pte. Ltd. was received last Friday, November, at the Olivos Residence by President Dr. Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Worship and Relations Exteriors, Lic. Santiago Cafiero.

During the meeting, Mr. HUANG Huai, president of Fusion Enertech International Pte. Ltd. announced that the company will invest USD 1,200 million in three lithium resource development projects in the Provinces of Catamarca, Jujuy and Salta for a total production of 150,000 tons per year that could mean additional exports for the Argentine Republic for USD 12,000 million per year.

The delegation consisted of Chairman Mr. HUANG Huai, COO Myles CHUK, and representatives from various shareholding companies, including its strategic cooperation partners Shagang Group and Zangge Mining.

For 32 years the Fusion Enertech team has been engaged in scientific research that has led to the development of the patented technology for “Direct Adsorption Lithium Extraction” (EDL). The technology that will be applied in the Argentine Republic successfully produces in the third largest salt flat in the world, the Qarhan salt lake, for twelve years, raising production to 30,000 tons per year in two industrial plants.

President Fernández was interested in knowing the details of the investment project and assured that the Argentine Republic welcomes investment projects, such as that of Fusion Enertech, which allow generating employment, increasing exports and allowing the responsible and sustainable use of resources. means. Additionally, President Fernández expressed his intention that lithium projects generate value at source to be able to export batteries, electric cars and storage devices to the world.

Likewise, the Provinces of Catamarca, Jujuy and Salta will benefit both from the income from royalties and from the investments that Fusion Enertech International Pte. Ltd. will make in infrastructure in order to facilitate access to the salt flats, transport carbonate production from lithium to export ports and guarantee essential services for the operation of industrial plants that will process lithium. It is estimated that the project will generate more than 100 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs. The National State will additionally benefit from the collection of export duties on the production of lithium carbonate.

Fusion Enertech International Pte. Ltd. stated to President Fernández that it is interested in signing cooperation agreements with YPF to license the direct lithium extraction technology by adsorption as well as the training of professionals interested in this innovative manufacturing technique. Among the advantages of Fusion Enertech’s technology are a higher recovery factor, shorter processing time, lower cost per ton produced and zero contamination.

EDL technology allows the separation of magnesium-lithium at low cost, with greater efficiency and speed, putting value on those salt flats that currently have limited potential due to current traditional manufacturing techniques.

As an investor and technology provider, representatives of Fusion Enertech will also be present at the Argentina & LATAM Lithium Summit 2022 at the end of November, to meet with representatives of the Argentine government, national and international companies in order to promote the sustainable and scientific development of the resources of the lithium triangle.