Green Universe launches initiative to provide sustainable solutions to UAE

Green Universe from Italy has announced its plan for the launch of its novel initiative “Creative Solutions for a Sustainable Green Connection of UAE”. A grand opening ceremony is said to be held at Expo 2020 Dubai and attended by a number of establishments and personalities concerned with climate issues, the creation of a sustainable environment, and the green economy sector.

The group has already forged partnerships with major scientific and research centers of distinguished Universities dealing with environmental issues such as Politecnico di Milano and the Department of Science of Life and Biology of Systems at the University of Turin.

“The group’s choice of the UAE to be its regional headquarters for the region is based on its officials’ firm belief that the UAE is the best destination for launching the company’s operations regionally. Thanks to the country’s extremely ambitious plan to build a green economy that achieves sustainable development, makes the UAE is a leading global hub for green technologies. This is enabled as well thanks to the development of a package of environmental and urban policies aimed at improving the quality of life in the country,” said Mark Nikolli, Green Universe Executive President.

Taking care of the environment and turning it into a tool to develop and support new economic sectors was based on a firmly-established vision of the late Sheikh Zayed, founder of the UAE, may Allah have mercy upon him, he said, adding that it was Sheikh Zayed who gave his instructions for 140 million trees to be planted across the UAE and it was also him who established the environmental living programs. “We should not forget that Sheikh Zayed was the world’s first head of state to win the ‘Golden Panda Award’ in 1995,” he said.

Mr. Nikolli pointed out that the company was keeping abreast of the outputs of the ‘UAE Green Growth Strategy and its role in encouraging the use of clean fuels for producing energy, boosting energy consumption efficiency, enacting legislation for urban planning policies aimed at conserving the environment, improving the environmental efficiency of houses and buildings and purifying the indoor air for UAE cities to provide a healthy environment for all.

He explained that it was these intentions that the Green Universe group is succeeding to achieve over the past years in the countries where it is operating in such as Italy, Albania, and Madagascar. Actually, the company has plans to write a global success story in these countries by achieving a milestone in cultivating a green cover extending over ​​19,500 hectares, which will have a major effect on reducing the carbon footprint, increasing oxygen levels in the atmosphere, and purifying the air.

Mr. Nikolli went on to say that his company Green Universe aspires nowadays to be part of Abu Dhabi’s ambitions and its Environment Vision 2030, covering its five themes of minimizing the impact of climate change, providing clean air, reducing noise pollution, preserving biodiversity, and natural heritage, enhancing the value-added through optimized material flows.

He concluded that the company would also strive in the coming period to be part of the process of achieving the objectives of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan in terms of developing vibrant and inclusive communities, doubling green areas to provide a healthy environment for residents and visitors and enhancing environmental sustainability.



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