Harvest Trading Cap introduces Dominican Republic’s cryptocurrency


The Dominican financial group  Harvest Trading Cap, a company dedicated to financial markets investment advice, whose mission is to guide, advise and consolidate the finances of its customers. , was created in 2015 and is directed by  Jairo Gonzalez.

Harvest Trading Cap strengthens and expands knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. She quickly went public, becoming the most profitable trader in the Dominican Republic and Latin America.

Harvest Trading Cap and its team led by CEO Jairo Gonzalez created and founded the Dominican Republic’s first cryptocurrency, using BlockChain technology to help secure transactions.

Harvest Coin is said to be a solid and reliable cryptocurrency designed for FINTECH e-commerce. It will soon be available worldwide to allow its users to enjoy its wide range of benefits and alternative services.

Harvest Coin is the official cryptocurrency of HARVEST TRADING CAP, whose strength comes from a financial ecosystem that provides multiple advisory services in international financial markets, education, and securities trading in different sectors of the Fintech economy. HARVEST TRADING CAP holders will have access to multiple benefits and rewards wherever they are in the world, using this trading resource will positively boost the economy.

Harvest Coin is the main asset that provides liquidity for trading transactions and it will be used in all of its services such as the wallet and  Harvest Exchange, a centralized online exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, and coins. ‘other assets.

But that’s not all, this new cryptocurrency is supported by thousands of users and members of the  Harvest Trading Cap community and Harvest Cap Exchange.