Healthonify partners with Healthy Plus LLC for one full health ecosystem

Healthonify Pvt. Ltd, an Indian company, has officially partnered with Healthy Plus LLC a U.S.-based company and have announced a formal partnership to bring Healthy Lifestyle management and Disease management into one full Health ecosystem. The strength of this partnership was built to aggressively follow the concepts created with the National Digital Health Mission. This collaboration will follow the National Digital Health Mission guidelines that aims to develop the necessary to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country.

“Healthonify has been leading the sector in providing unique Health and Wellness solutions in one unique distinct platform. Healthonify has been providing the experience of Holistic Health and Wellness within a one stop ecosystem. Now adding the essential element of disease management by integrating the Healthy Plus platform will provide India’s citizens with the strongest component of Digital Care available. Prevention combined with a healthy lifestyle is the key to happy living.We intend to spread smiles through PlusOnify, our new partnership with Healthy Plus,” Rahul Murty, Director, Healthonify.

India has made a commitment to “life after COVID” and what is obvious is there will be unknown effects from the pandemic that could become “undetected” and add additional pressure on an already burdened health system. Healthy Plus offers an automated Wellness Platform, this platform offers higher engagement, real time risk prediction, itemized reporting and chronic care management indicators. The Healthy Plus commitment is said to be simple, providing multiple verticals for access to doctor care. Healthy Plus created the DigiDoc mobile app which provides the ability for virtual doctor visits as well as access to all the patient medical records available at patient disposal at all doctor visits.

“Healthy Plus is very excited to be paralleling our program with Healthonlify and creating the ‘PlusOnify’ brand matching the initiatives that are presently needed in India. COVID-19 has advanced the need for more doctor access but even more importantly, as COVID-19 emerged chronic disease management is now an immediate need, ‘PlusOnify’ meets this need fully. Healthonify has exhibited themselves as a truly committed leader to a full lifestyle and disease management focus. Together ‘PlusOnify’ will reshape the telehealth design. The world is closely watching how India has stepped to the forefront to become the global leader in Digital healthcare,” Sean Bledsoe CEO, Healthy Plus.

This collaboration will be in Mumbai and will rapidly advance across Pan India. Healthonify and Healthy Plus are excited to move forward and look forward to keeping the citizens of India as healthy as possible.



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