Implementing ERP technology in business operations to achieve efficiency


Since the early ages, businesses have always tried their best to complete their daily operational tasks within a specified time frame or deadline. They have used traditional methods such as hiring additional experts, to complete the job. In recent  times, businesses belonging to any industry have relied on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Technology to manage daily operations efficiently and save time. The global ERP market is said to have crossed more than 42 billion in 2020 and, as per experts, it can reach nearly 117 billion in 2030. The CAGR rate is said to be growing at a rate of nearly 10 percent.

The real demand for ERP came during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the majority of companies having to make their staff work from home, the work schedules and timelines became haywire. However, things worked as usual for the companies who had already implemented ERP in their operations. ERP solutions were usually implemented in back-end processes (HR, accounting), but off late, they have grown to implement regulations in marketing automation, e-commerce, and other operations.


On August 2023, Azentio Software unveiled its ONEERP Cloud, which is IR 4.0 compliant. It has many features to boost the ERP in many industries, such as the supply chain, financial institutions, distribution, manufacturing, and other ancillary sectors, in terms of providing the best solutions.

For example, when it comes to –

Chemical Manufacturing industry – it can produce products in compliance with best practices

Food & Beverage – Ensure that products are manufactured as per market demands and reach the target audience on time

Pharmaceutical – Strict validation process design in production of drugs as per the international standards

Plastics – Ensures the operation process get streamlined as per client requirements to produce the final products.

With Cloud ERP, Azentio Software can cater to the various needs of diverse industries and enhance efficiency by improving communication among various departments and systems through the sharing of proper data. For example, they have other Enterprise Resource Planning software catering to Retail, Warehouse Management Systems, Contracting, Automotive and, Field Service Contract Management.

Other than ERP, Azentio Software has other products (banking, capital markets and, insurance). They have also won awards for these products in the global scene. However, the feather in the cap came when they won Innovation Leadership in ERP Technology for Industry Transformation APAC 2023 from World Business Outlook.

The management has succeeded in establishing a team of specialists in every department.  The team’s industrial expertise has allowed them to successfully manage global projects with elan.

Blog by Sathya Narayana B


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