insightsoftware unveils Jet Analytics Cloud Solution powered by Microsoft Azure

Lee An Schommer, Chief Product Officer at insightsoftware

insightsoftware, a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, recently unveiled Jet Analytics Cloud. This launch is a managed services offering of insightsoftware’s Jet Analytics reporting and analytics solution, which is designed to simplify financial and operational reporting as well as augment the value of the user’s data. Jet Analytics Cloud combines these flagship services with turnkey managed hosting, regular upgrades, and reduced IT costs for customers.

Jet Analytics is an intuitive, no-code data preparation and analysis tool that enables businesses to consolidate multiple data sources in one place, such as budgeting and planning, tax reporting and equity management. The shift to the cloud makes Jet Analytics available via a SaaS model, hosted on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud. The solution is compatible with multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics.

“Our customers turn to Jet Analytics for fast, reliable reporting. Delivering the solution through the new SaaS model is a win for all,” said Lee An Schommer, Chief Product Officer at insightsoftware.

“They will continue to enjoy the ability to create real-time, self-service reports on finance and operations, along with added security enhancements, a reduced IT footprint, and lower total cost of ownership. Moreover, this shift removes on-prem challenges as well as empowers customers to make informed decisions and respond to changing market scenarios more quickly. Our primary focus is to provide an elevated customer experience that meets their evolving needs, while ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.”

Industry sources added that across enterprises, there has been a clear shift to the cloud among application software, infrastructure software, business process services, and system infrastructure markets.

Research from Gartner found that 51% of IT spend across these four categories will move away from traditional solutions and toward the public cloud by 2025, up from 41% in 2022.

In addition, the SaaS segment is set to see a 16.8% growth in 2023. This shift toward managed cloud software will help alleviate reliance on IT teams, with a recent study with finance professionals from insightsoftware revealing that 80% of finance teams claim they are over-reliant on IT.

Scott Jorgens, Marketing Director at Endeavour Solutions, Inc

“As part of the early adopter trial, our consultants are thrilled with what we have seen in Jet Analytics Cloud,” said Scott Jorgens, Marketing Director at Endeavour Solutions, Inc, an insightsoftware partner. “We see it as a good fit for a number of prospects and clients using Microsoft Business Central, as well as current clients who are using Jet Reports or Jet Analytics on-prem and are looking for additional cloud-based analytics solutions managed by insightsoftware.”

Jet Analytics Cloud allows customers to significantly decrease complexities associated with managing the application and infrastructure on-prem, so organizations will no longer need to manage manual upgrades and apply security hotfixes. It is available in North America, UK, and West Europe Azure hosting regions.