Investment banking in Vietnam: Decoding the land of opportunity

Investment banking in Vietnam Decoding the land of opportunity
Investment banking in Vietnam Decoding the land of opportunity (Representational Image)

Vietnam has recently become an investment hotspot, attracting the attention of the global investment community. The finance and banking industry in Vietnam has constantly developed and contributed greatly to the Vietnamese economy.

According to a report from the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, by the end of 2022, the finance, insurance and financial investment sectors have contributed 4.76% of the country’s GDP, equivalent to more than VND 450 trillion.

In just a short time, Vietnam has established itself as one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world. According to IMF forecasts, in 2023, Vietnam will rank third in Southeast Asia in terms of economic size,  and the GDP is expected to increase by 6.2%. Especially, after the  Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with the United States, Vietnam has further asserted its position and hoped to take advantage of the opportunity to attract more foreign direct investment.

The capital market in Vietnam has played a major role in supporting manufacturing and exporting that Vietnam has been witnessing in the past one decade. This sector is playing a vital role in converting Vietnam into a high-income country by 2045 with an expected annual average rate of 5.9 percent. The investment banks and the stock brokerage sector are tapping into the domestic as well as the foreign entities.

In Vietnam, VPS Securities Joint Stock Company is the leading securities firm. Established in 2006, over 16 years of establishment and development, VPS Securities has always maintained the spirit of continuous creativity and innovation to keep up with the development of the modern world and create an ecosystem of outstanding products and services to flexibly meet the constantly changing needs of customers.

A deep dive into the Vietnamese financial sector
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VPS Securities primarily caters to businesses and investors with a portfolio that includes: stock brokerage, financial services, investment banking and more. Over the years, VPS Securities has proven its expertise as one of the most reliable financial intermediary. Its core business comprises of Institutional Brokerage, Investment Banking, Research, Retail brokerage, Wealth Management and other Financial services. Its financial services include capital arrangement, securities underwriting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), consulting on business valuation, corporate restructuring, and debt management.

VPS Securities is proud to have a team including highly qualified professional personnel who are always ready to support every individual and institutional customer to make the most informed investment decisions, helping customers get a prosperous financial background.

VPS Securities provides trading platforms and advisory services to individuals and institutional investors. Moreover, they provide investment advisory services, giving insightful recommendations to investors on stock trading, portfolio management and investment strategies.

Not only focusing on business activities, over the past time, VPS Securities also has emphasized sustainable values. VPS Securities has started proactively since 2022 on researching and planning to implement ESG. The company has actively built a working group  to implement 17 sustainability initiatives.

Currently, they are playing an important role in Vietnam’s financial market, providing essential services to investors and contributing to the development of the country’s capital market. VPS Securities operates in accordance with regulations regulated by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam. Compliance with these regulations is crucial to maintain the company’s reputation and ensure the protection of investors’ interests. They are working tirelessly to develop new initiatives to meet the various interests of Vietnam’s population. Recognizing the company’s efforts, World Business Outlook has named VPS Securities the Best Investment Bank in Vietnam 2023.

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