Jordan Kuwait Bank adopts cloud-based BPM platform from iGrafx

Daoud Issa, Chief Operating & Support Officer at Jordan Kuwait Bank

The Jordan Kuwait Bank, one of the most important players in the Jordanian banking system, is now using the cloud-based BPM platform Process360 Live from iGrafx. The provider of digital business transformation and process management supports the Jordanian financial institution in offering its customers a tailor-made banking experience through digital and agile services.

Jordan Kuwait Bank is a Jordanian public limited company founded in 1976 and today has a wide network of branches in Jordan and Cyprus. Improved customer service through the optimization of business processes is just one of the many goals of the leading bank. In addition, the error-prone manual entry of resources and roles when creating a process diagram is to be replaced by a company resource model with roles and organizational hierarchy for uniform use and with automatic updates of all processes.

To support these initiatives, Jordan Kuwait Bank selected iGrafx’s Process360 Live BPM platform. She is no longer dependent on manual entries and paper-based review and approval of procedures and process diagrams. Even the management and maintenance of the system can be done independently from the IT department. The result: Process360 Live enables higher productivity of employees in administration and process management. In addition, the entire customer journey, including all touch points, can be linked to the core business processes in order to analyze the needs and emotions of customers when dealing with the bank. Jordan Kuwait Bank also benefits from a longstanding partnership with iGrafx and its partner ProServ, a consulting company also based in the Middle East, and thus from the alliance of the powerful software Process360 Live and the excellent know-how of ProServ. For more than a decade, ProServ has been convincing its customers to use iGrafx to unlock more potential for optimizing their business processes.

Armin Trautner, Managing Director EMEA at iGrafx

“We chose iGrafx because of the company’s extensive experience with BPM, particularly in the banking sector,” said Daoud Issa, Chief Operating & Support Officer at Jordan Kuwait Bank. “The speed with which the system was set up was amazing! Over 1,200 processes were designed in iGrafx in less than six weeks. The commitment and responsiveness of the team is really impressive.”

With Process360 Live, Jordan Kuwait Bank benefits from an enterprise-wide BPM system including automation, process mining and RPA to increase customer satisfaction and create full visibility of end-to-end processes across all departments. “We are pleased to be able to provide Jordan Kuwait Bank with even better customer service with our solution,” said Armin Trautner, Managing Director EMEA at iGrafx. “We want to support them in achieving continuous process improvement with Process360 Live and thus a tailor-made and smooth banking experience for their customers.”



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