Kareo Cloud empowers DDM module for Financial & Operational Success


Kareo, a leading provider of cloud-based clinical and practice management software solutions for independent healthcare practices and billing companies, announced that Coronis Health, an enterprise billing company in Sykesville, Maryland, is leveraging Kareo Cloud to export its raw data to consolidate and manipulate data sets for its unique business needs.

Kareo explained that before joining hands with Kareo Cloud, Coronis Health didn’t have an easy way to access data to attain the actionable insights that would enable it to identify billing efficiencies and drive additional revenue for its growing client base.

The firm claimed that by utilizing Kareo’s solution, Coronis Health has enhanced productivity management to make impactful decisions from the extracted data, particularly as it expands its onshore and offshore coding and billing teams to accommodate an increase in business volume. In addition, the company has been able to build a proprietary app/dashboard that enables it to track operational data and financial key performance indicators (KPIs), which helps secure new sales.

“With Kareo Cloud, we’re making data-driven decisions and have a lot more transparency across the business than we’ve had in the past, which is really critical,” David Julien, Senior Vice President of Coronis Health, stated. “Proprietary provider-facing dashboards that leverage Kareo Cloud have been a selling point in terms of new sales acquisitions.”

“We’re proud to see Kareo Cloud-enabling Coronis Health to drive critical business decisions and improve operations with valuable data from the platform,” Kyle Ryan, Chief Technology Officer for Kareo, stated. “As we continue to refine the cloud’s capabilities, we want to create even more opportunities for practices and billing companies to create and customize reporting to their individual business needs. Using powerful analytics, deeper financial reporting, and stronger operational efficiencies ultimately enables a more optimized operation and improved financial outcomes for our customers.”

Kareo Cloud added that it will be providing on-demand, HIPAA-compliant access to its secure cloud-hosted data. Once data is extracted, customers can consolidate and manipulate billing, clinical, and financial data for detailed insights and robust decision-making. As a result leveraging Kareo Cloud drives better business and patient outcomes for billing companies and practices, enabling efficient operations and improved financial performance.

Kareo also added that they are offering billing services to more than 1,600 billing companies across the country.



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