Klarna acquires PriceRunner Group of Nordic Region


Klarna, a leading globalized retail bank, payments, and shopping services major, recently announced acquiring PriceRunner, the leading comparison shopping service in the Nordic region with operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom. According to Klarna’s industry sources and the report thereafter, PriceRunner will be getting in the latest features to the Klarna app globally in the form of rich product discovery, price comparisons, and product reviews to help consumers save time and money, and make informed decisions so they can take control of their finances. 

Klarna also claimed that all its 400k+ global retail partners as well as PriceRunner’s retail partners will benefit from surging website traffic from high intent consumers and optimized marketing opportunities to further drive their growth.

Klarna additionally added that it will be commencing whole ownership from previous main owners Karl-Johan Persson, chairman of the board at H&M, Eequity, former PriceRunner CEO Nicklas Storakers, and current CEO Mikael Lindahl. 

Additionally, Klarna also commented that post the acquisition of PriceRunner, all its 200+ PriceRunner employees in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway will form the official part of the Klarna family.

David Fock, Klarna’s Chief Product Officer commented: “Together with PriceRunner we already have some exciting plans on how we can swiftly integrate our teams and technology stacks to launch products that enhance the shopping experience for Klarna’s 147m global consumers. We look forward to welcoming our new colleagues to Klarna.”

David also commented: “The acquisition will serve to strengthen our consumer offering and that Klarna will not be a marketplace but a viable and competitive alternative for retail partners vs Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Klarna and PriceRunner are united in our fundamental belief that tech companies, no matter where they operate, compete on the basis of their own merit with the best products and services to gain consumers’ trust.”

Mikael Lindahl, CEO of PriceRunner, stated: “We are really excited about this next chapter in PriceRunner’s journey, continuing it with a strong, global player like Klarna. I know that we can create the very best shopping experience for consumers together and am really excited for how our company will grow in the future together with Klarna.”



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