KoverNow unlocks Singapore Market Operations with Android based B2C Mobile Insurance App


KoverNow, an insurtech start-up company based in Singapore, has announced that its first Android app is being launched today, along with an enhanced version of its existing iOS app, both providing an easy-to-use interface and services aimed at consumers living in Singapore.

This latest KoverNow App features an upgraded user interface and a design aimed at its Millennial target audience offering insurance cover for the watches, jewellery, electronic devices, cameras, and handbags. Always intuitive, this new version breaks new ground in delivering a user experience fit for contemporary lifestyles.

Stephan Kaiser, CEO of KoverNow

Stephan Kaiser, CEO of KoverNow stated: “Our developers have designed the app to be fast which means consumers can organize, monitor, and change their insurance cover both easily and rapidly, whether they are using Android or iOS phones. And, to suit our audience, the look and feel of the new app is more goal-based without compromising on the simplicity and minimalism that characterized our original iOS version.” 

Stephan Kaiser continues: “The customer journey in our new app has also been improved to make it more seamless and easier to use, reducing the number of steps that customers need to take to ensure their precious items are fully insured. This enhanced customer experience reflects our understanding of what users are looking for: simplicity, speed, reliability, and a great in-app experience. Given the high number of Android users in Singapore, where the app will be available, we are anticipating a significant number of downloads.”

KoverNow added that the latest feature comprised in the app is a dialogue feature, which will allow users to connect directly with KoverNow, if they have questions about any aspect of their insurance policy or cover.  The new version will also introduce a charting function, allowing users to track the value of their cherished items inside the KoverNow ‘Vault’, whether those items are insured or not (these items can then be instantly insured at the touch of a button, or coverage removed just as easily).

The firm sources explained that the Android version of the app, like the existing iOS version, will initially offer insurance coverage through QBE Singapore, KoverNow’s main insurance partner.   KoverNow is also expected to announce that new categories will be added including Pet, eMobility, and Travel before the end of the year.

Industry sources added that the primary objective of KoverNow is to remove the complexity associated with purchasing and managing insurance policies. By eliminating onerous paperwork and delivering an efficient digital service that allows the cover to be switched on or off when needed, the company believes it will appeal to a younger audience used to running their financial lives in real-time through their smartphones.



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