LONGi Partners With UNHCR For Solarizing Its Logistics Center

LONGi,announced a new three-year partnership with UNHCR, to accomplish the impact on climate action, energy equity, and sustainable transformation.
Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi, and Dominique Hyde, Director of External Relations of UNHCR, signed the cooperation agreement at the LONGi Solar+ Pavilion during COP28 in Dubai, UAE. Image Credit-(PRNewsfoto/LONGi)

LONGi, a leading global solar technology company, recently announced a new three-year partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to accomplish the impact on climate action, energy equity, and sustainable transformation. The announcement was made at the Solar+ Pavilion during COP28, the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Industry sources added that one of the cornerstones of the partnership is LONGi’s dedication to transforming UNHCR’s emergency and preparedness reserves into solarized facilities. This will begin with a pilot project at the Regional Humanitarian Logistics Center at the Termez Freight Center in Uzbekistan, which is responsible for the quick delivery of basic relief items to countries across the region.

Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi Stated “When we visited the Termez Logistics Center with UNHCR in November, we saw first-hand the magnitude of the supply work that UNHCR carries out to serve refugees and displaced people across Asia. LONGi is honored to be the first UNHCR partner to begin solarizing its logistics center. This agreement highlights LONGi’s dedication to driving sustainable development and we are honored to be able to support refugee communities. Our collaboration underscores a commitment shared to foster sustainability and resilience in the face of global challenges.”

Dominique Hyde, Director of External Relations at UNHCR stated “We are excited about this innovative partnership that will help us improve our carbon footprint. Together, we can help address the climate crisis by promoting sustainable energy solutions for everyone, especially the most vulnerable, around the world.”

Industry sources added that commencing in 2024 in Pakistan, LONGi will also provide solar systems and solutions to support public facilities used by refugees and host communities to ensure safe and reliable energy to enable these communities to study, work, and run their businesses. LONGi will also work to empower refugees and host communities with solar energy training to support sustainable livelihoods. This reflects the desire of this company to assume its social responsibility and move towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal No. 7 – Affordable and clean energy.

Industry sources also added that the issue of energy inequality directly affects economic development and people’s quality of life. Fortunately, technological innovation has made photovoltaic solutions one of the most economical sources of electricity in the world.

Industry sources further added that for boosting environmental protection under the border partnership, LONGi will also focus on aiding the afforestation activities in Uzbekistan starting in 2024, to reduce environmental risks and mitigate the impact of extreme weather conditions, while generating income and employment opportunities for refugees and host communities. This three-year partnership is expected to benefit numerous countries where UNHCR carries out its climate action work.


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