Manchester entrepreneur’s AI startup gains attention from investors


A Manchester-based entrepreneur is looking to revolutionize the world of personal fitness with the first AI-powered smart watch app.
Saeid Jamali, 28, devised intellithing in 2017 while at Manchester Metropolitan University and has since spent four years developing a product with a team of seven.
He is now in talks with investors about raising £150,000 to take the product to market, and has already identified future use cases for his technology within the field of healthcare.
The intellithing app, which is compatible with smart watches on both the IoS and Android platforms, uses AI to analyse the way your body performs in real time.

It then uses that data to guide the user through their fitness journey, making suggestions that align with an individual’s bespoke goals and providing guidance on meal planning, fitness routines, sleep patterns and more.
The overall effect is equivalent to having a personal coach on every step of your fitness journey.
Founder Saeid Jamali said: “intellithing is the result of years of blood, sweat and tears. We want to revolutionise the health and fitness industry and believe that our AI-powered app will do just that.
“By reading and learning about your body and your daily routines, intellithing is able not only to guide you but to predict the future of your fitness, helping to stay on track and aligned with your goals.
“It’s been a long journey personally but we are now convinced that in intellithing, we have a truly ground-breaking product.”

Jamali is already looking at diversifying into healthcare, where the AI technology could be used to predict organ failure or heart attacks, for instance.