Marubeni, OPExPARK, Beyond Next Ventures, Denso collaboration powering Dx in Healtcare industry

Marubeni Corporation, OPExPARK Inc., Beyond Next Ventures Inc., and DENSO CORPORATION have agreed for Marubeni to invest with BNV in OPExPARK to aid the digital transformation (hereinafter, “DX”) of operating rooms and a surgical education platform business for doctors. OPExPARK was jointly established by DENSO and BNV.

According to the healthcare industry sources, in recent years, the prerequisite for DX has been surging in the healthcare industry, as demonstrated by the development of new medical services such as telemedicine and online medication guidance, and the utilization of medical data.

Additionally, with the decrease in the number of surgeries and restrictions on movement, delivering surgical education has been challenging, with young doctors having fewer opportunities to learn techniques from operations that senior doctors perform. Therefore, there is a growing expectation for an educational platform that allows doctors to learn surgical techniques online.

OPExPARK was established in 2019 with the support of BNV, utilizing the information integration platform “OPeLiNK” developed by DENSO with the support of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development. OPeLiNK is an information integration platform that constantly provides data gathered from each piece of equipment in the operating room, which is conventionally handled individually, with data in a consistent format so that it can be used by any device.

According to OPExPARK sources and in the report, it stated that by extracting and delivering accumulated equipment and biological data, information important to the decision-making of the surgeon can be visualized, and advanced tacit knowledge that was difficult to learn outside the operating room can be shared.

OPExPARK promotes DX of surgical education through the delivery of educational content that enables anyone to learn cutting-edge surgery anytime, anywhere. In addition, OPExPARK contributes to the improvement of the quality of medical care in Japan and overseas by transmitting surgical videos and data acquired by OPELiNK in real-time and by providing advice on diagnosis and surgery from remote locations.

According to Marubeni claims, it had boosted and expanded it’s IT consulting services business and cloud integration business to support and promote DX for customers and partners.



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