Middleby announces partnership with SBT

The Middleby Corporation (“Middleby”), a global leader in the foodservice industry, has entered into a new strategic and investment partnership with Sustainable Beverage Technologies (“SBT”), a company focused on re-imagining the beer marketspace through revolutionary technological innovations. SBT develops technologically advanced brewing and dispense applications. Middleby, in cooperation with SBT, will be manufacturing the NexDraft dispensing system featuring Newton CFV technology.

“The proprietary brewing innovation from SBT has led to an evolution within the beer industry,” said Korey Kohl, President of Middleby Beverage. “We have partnered with SBT and are excited to showcase this advanced innovation and dispense to a broader market. Statistics show the demand for nonalcoholic (NA) beer continues to rise, and with BrewVo patented technology, brewers can create and easily distribute an exceptional NA product. Pairing these brewing technologies with Middleby dispensing solutions will revolutionize the beer industry and expand our global reach.”

SBT offers a new, patented process revolutionizing the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality beer. The beer is concentrated, providing a compact sustainable distribution model. SBT has both processing with BrewVo, and a unique draft beer dispensing with NexDraft. Both are highly synergistic with existing Middleby capabilities with NexDraft being manufactured by Wunder-Bar and utilizing Newton CFV fluidics. With Middleby’s investment and support, there is significant global growth potential.

NexDraft is SBT’s revolutionary new tap system which uses Multi-Brewed beer without kegs. NexDraft technology mixes Multi-Brewed beer (packaged in bag-in-box) with water, CO2, and alcohol to deliver classic craft beer taste and aroma. NexDraft extends product shelf life and offers up to 6x more beers without updating facility or expanding bar footprint resulting in significant gains in efficiency and profitability.

“We are excited to work with Middleby as a key strategic partner. Our passion is bringing global, award-winning beer to consumers in a sustainable way through our patented technology,” said Gary Tickle, CEO of SBT. “Middleby is a strong, highly-respected partner with their own beverage innovation, which will enable us to take our BrewVo and NexDraft innovation to a broader global market.”


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