MitoQ unveils latest branding positioning it as emerging CH category and SL


MitoQ Ltd., a New Zealand cellular health firm that claims to have developed the global first sub-cellular targeted antioxidant that directly combats cellular stress, today announced a total brand transformation with the arrival of a new design, updated visual language, and durable packaging.

MitoQ Cellular Health Product

MitoQ further stated that it is the developer of the next-generation cellular health molecule of the same name, which has been scientifically proven to penetrate deep into cells to reduce cellular stress. By supporting the body’s primary source of energy – the mitochondria – MitoQ is able to target cellular stress, improve energy, increase exercise recovery and resilience, and promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy aging.

Mahara Inglis, CEO of MitoQ commented: “MitoQ is more than a supplement. It is biologically engineered for exceptional efficacy and safety, and is backed by decades of independent, global research from clinical trials and hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications.”

Mahra further stated: “Our rebranding is one of the steps we’ve taken to raise awareness of the role cells play in overall well-being and to draw attention to our unique technology. All elements of our new branding and our packaging are designed to reflect the unique position we hold, not only in health and wellness but also in the emerging category of cellular health that we have been revolutionizing for decades, as well as the positive impact we have on people’s lives. MitoQ helps everyone – whether they are managing a health condition, meeting work or private demands, or simply wanting to age “better” by reducing cellular stress. We wanted our new brand to visually portray our patented scientific expertise and appeal to anyone who wants to improve their health, starting at the smallest level: their cells. This new branding captures the essence of MitoQ’s mission, unique mechanism of action and positive user experience, and we are excited to introduce it to the world.”

John Marshall, Marketing Manager at MitoQ commented: “Today represents an important milestone in the history and growth of our company. MitoQ is not only a recognized pioneer of new technologies in the emerging category of cellular health but also unwavering support for health-conscious people, who is committed to making a global positive impact. This project is the sum of intensive and rewarding work for the entire sales network. We are incredibly grateful to our strategic partners, our external and internal consultants, the MitoQ team and the millions of customers around the world who have provided the enlightened outlook leading to the development of this dynamic new brand.”

MitoQ’s further claimed that its redesign targets to revitalize brand positioning, establish a clear point of differentiation in the category and ensure all packaging is sustainable to avoid inefficiencies that could negatively impact the environment. To inform the strategy and execution of its brand redesign, MitoQ collaborated with UK brand transformation consultancy, Born Ugly. Via a collaborative and flexible process, Born Ugly aided MitoQ in further defining the brand’s identity, vision, and purpose, including developing consumer and business insights, developing a strategy, definition, creation, and design of the brand, and its activation. This collaboration has pivoted around the evolution of the brand’s mission, which until then aimed to help consumers “meet the demands of life”, and which today aims to “achieve the objectives of everyone” thanks to products and experiences. This approach had to overcome cultural differences and encompass the varied motivations for integrating MitoQ into its key markets of the United States and China.

MitoQ’s also explained that its latest visual articulation taps into the idea that small changes can have a positive snowball effect on overall health, daily life, and the community as a whole. The “Power of Small” is the principle that influenced every aspect of MitoQ’s new branding, including cell-inspired packaging, visual identity, artwork, animations, language, and a logo that revolves around an optimized universe at the heart of the small molecule of MitoQ. In a nutshell, the brand’s message is that small thing can do big things.



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