MiVote Technology unveils Metaverse Platform from MWC supporting UNSDG achievement


Global Entrepreneur Programme (Department for International Trade, United Kingdom Government) aided MiVote Technologies in unveiling the Metaverse platform at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) from the 4YFN- 4 Years from now platform.

MiVote Technology gained all its attention during 2020 with its pledge for the creation of a decentralized model of community decision-making in the Metaverse, a model which was also designed to create a revenue stream for the projects addressing the United Nations Sustainable and Development Goals (UNSDG). This pledge now comes to fruition as MiVote Technology launches its MiMeta app.

According to MiVote Technology, the MiMeta version is simultaneously unveiled in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe and is available on iOS and Android. The app enables people to connect and engage with like-minded communities, using the tool to stay informed, participate in decision-making, and access exclusive content.

It is envisaged that, through the app, people can become influencers in their own communities, and are incentivized to keep engaged by gaining community-generated NFTs as a reward. These NFTs are then sold to raise funds for UNSDG-related activities.

MiVote Technology founder and CEO, Joydeep Mondal stated: “Launching metaverse in the three continents is just the beginning of a decision-making Movement. At MiVote Technology, we envisage a digital revolution driven by the community, for the community. Communities across the globe want to see a better form of digital platform – where they can self-regulate, self-express, and share ownership. Our platform means that their every interaction can be harnessed to achieve a greater good such as UNSDGs, rather than to generate ad-revenue.”

Co-founder and COO, Disha Paul stated: “MiVote Technology is the platform which will serve generations after generations. It’s not just a technology but a sustainable solution to mankind. It is the largest platform with the highest engagement.”

“The vision of the company to solve some of the big world problems with their technology and energy of Joydeep is truly inspiring,” says Alpesh Patel OBE, UK Government Dealmaker, Dep for International Trade; Global online investment authority (18 FT Books, ex-Bloomberg TV Host &; FT Columnist, fund manager) BBC Paper Reviewer; Fmr Visiting Fellow, Oxford Uni.

MiVote Technology, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is currently speaking to governments, policymakers, universities, social influencers, groups, and businesses in the European Union, USA, Australia, and India, about how they can benefit from the platform over the long term.



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