Motorola Solutions Launches APX NEXT Smart Radio, Bringing New Intelligence to Public Safety


Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) today announced APX NEXT™ in Brazil. The next-generation, mission-critical Project 25 (P25) public safety radio provides mission-critical voice communications on land-mobile radio (LMR) networks while using broadband networks for data applications.

APX NEXT is the newest mission-critical P25 radio offering in Motorola Solutions’ purpose-built APX portfolio. It is Motorola Solutions’ first APX radio to feature a touchscreen with a user interface designed specifically for public safety. The touchscreen can be used in the rain and when wearing gloves. It offers one-touch access to radio controls, large touch targets and an optimized user interface for fast navigation. ViQi voice control enables users to quickly manage radio controls through simple and intuitive voice commands.

“APX NEXT represents our deep experience in designing and developing mission-critical solutions for first responders. APX NEXT was created after spending thousands of hours observing how police forces work to make sure it provides exactly what they need. Intuitive, intelligent and rugged, APX NEXT will perform reliably, even in the most challenging conditions, helping frontline professionals to work safely and protect lives,” said Elton Borgonovo, Territory Director, Motorola Solutions Brazil.

This new radio uses LMR for mission-critical voice communications and LTE broadband to power new application services including:

  • SmartConnect: APX NEXT detects when the radio is used outside of an LMR network’s coverage area and automatically switches to LTE broadband connectivity ensuring continuity of PTT voice communications. It then switches back to LMR when the radio is back within the network area with no user intervention required, ensuring user focus on the field situation and better performance in operations, without downtime.
  • SmartProgramming: The radio’s software and configuration data can be rapidly updated over broadband, even when a police officer is using it. This means APX NEXT spends less time in radio shops and more time in the field.

ViQi is an application service available on APX NEXT. It will be integrated into other solutions as the company continues to research, and collaborate with users, on new ways to streamline officer workflows and guide better decisions through artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will also be available in Portuguese.

Motorola Solutions is working on future iterations of ViQi, such as public safety virtual assistant, calling for vehicle assistance, taking statements and foreign language speech translation.

Product demonstrations of APX NEXT and ViQi voice control will be given at the 4th International Security Symposium, held from August 30 to September 2 in Brasilia. They are part of the Motorola Solutions mission-critical ecosystem of unified voice, data, video and analytics.